Dark Below Discussion (Spoilers Within)

Greetings Guardians

The Dark Below has opened, revealing the horrors within. New story missions, items, and NPCs. This is the campfire to talk about our trials, triumphs, and theories. What’s happened to you?

The raid is insane… that’s all I’m gonna say


How far did you get?

Past the first checkpoint, almost past the second but right before our last guy killed the last guy he fell of the edge… total facepalm moment

Oh gosh. You guys still going tonight at six?

I won’t be able to be there till 7 or 8 unfortunately

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Crota already beaten in 6 hours. el oh el

I saw that too. There is a huge post talking about raid mechanic, but I refuse to look!

I find that time interesting, since that’s similar to how long it takes to complete new raid content on DC Universe Online. Does this show the limitations of designing raid-style content for consoles in general, or did that team find a fluke?

so far it seems it will be easy to get new gear. I already have 2 new legendary weps an exotic and new armor for both my toons and I played about 3 hours total.

The team that beat Crota first was the same team that beat Vault of Glass Hardmode first. They are probably just really efficient.

I wish I had no life too…

My way was a nicer way of putting it :stuck_out_tongue:
What is a expansion without it’s controversy. It seems /r/destinythegame is just blowing up with complaints. It’s almost impossible to find good information within the “OMG PAY TO PLAY THIS SUX BUNGIE FIX U HATE US” , “OMFG GUYZ LOOK WHAT I FOUND LOL GET JEALOUS” or “PSA: COMMON SENSE WE ALL KNOW”. I just want to read intelligent conversations… maybe that’s the wrong place to go for Destiny talk…

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Probably. A lot of people are upset about the nightfall being on the DLC strike. The subreddit is suffering becuase of it.

Sidenote: Are you at school? It’s last day of classes!

You are telling me, suffering is right. I feel like I need a shower after being on that subreddit. I can understand people being upset but if people are planning on playing the game up to this point isn’t it to be expected to purchase the expansions?

Finals Today, Tomorrow and Thursday =/ That light at the end of the tunnel is so dang close I can taste it… at least for a month

People who decided to stop playing the game but want to check out the expansion are probably the ones complaining. They want a free taste.

Which is crazy because they gave them the ability to get to level 31. The new gear and weapon upgrades are avilible to them, along with the exotic that came out.

So figured with the numbers (haven’t tested but makes sense to me) to get to 32 you need 24 more light then you have at 30 (raid gear gives 36 light so that 6 light x 4 is 24) which means, logically to get to 31 you need 12 more light, which is full gear from any of the vendors (33 light per piece, 3 x 4 is 12) so either it’s farming time for the marks or get lucky in the raid just to get to 31, also the helm and chest pieces require commendations for vendor gear and any faction such as FWC takes crucible commendations.

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And I’ve already seen 2 people get gear just from the first checkpoint, so it’s possible to get to 31 in 2 weeks, if you get at least 1 piece from the raid. Speaking of, I can tell you right now, that 32 hm is gonna be 32, no carrying 31s through, not for a while at least

So…I’m still contemplating getting this DLC. I honestly got burnt out playing vanilla, as I wasn’t doing the raids with anyone and I didn’t get raid gear when I was raiding. I still want to play destiny with you guys, but I’m not sure if this expansion is what will bring me back in.

What do you think?