Darkness Below - Exploratory Group?

I reflect fondly of my first Raid run with Strats. It was an incredible experience to find all of the cool things going on inside of the Vault of Glass. One thing that kind of irked me, however, was the rush of it all. Additionally, the lack of exploration still gnaws at me.A lot of the mysteries of VoG have now been uncovered, but overall my experience has shown that there is more than one way to complete any task within.

With that in mind, I am interested in forming a type of hobby-ist group to run Crota’s End at or near release so we can take it all in without any urgency and hopefully no frustration.

I am not 100% on the DLC as of yet, but if there is interest I would really like to run a new raid as part of an exploratory group. For that prospect alone I would certainly be picking up the DLC for the unwrapping experience alone.



Cool idea
Count me in

Me as well brother

I’m in. I had a lot of fun running the raid for the first time this last Saturday but because I was so late to the party it kinda felt like cheating. I would like to try to experience it not knowing all the tricks and secrets.

Has there been any info on what level you need to be for the new raid? I’m currently only lvl 28 but I might be able to make 29 before the launch

a cursory glance says 30, however, one advantage we may have over VoG are our weapons. Trying to complete Atheon with some blue weapons was tough, now we have access to exotics, as well as VoG weapons with max DPS.

Unless they considered this in which case we are boned.

If they ripped a page off classic MMO progression, then they definitely made this next raid challenging for lv 30 full legendary Guardians.

well, looks like I’ve got some work to do then.

If it makes you feel better next time you run the raid you won’t be able to cheese Templar so you’ll have to learn the real way

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I think my first Templar run was with you Drizzt, it was pretty cool!

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I thought I heard the new raid would have a 28, 30, and 32 version and VoG was getting a 32 version, but I may be smoking the reefer; I’ve no sources to cite on this, only hearsay from within the community, I think (likely in PSN chat).

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I would be interested. Not sure how we get light for leveling beyond 30, though. Will the new raid provide that gear?

Yeah it will

Found confirmation that Normal starts at Level 30.

Doesn’t exactly rule out if there’s an “easy” mode under that. Safe to assume Hard Mode is 32.

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Good to know. That said, the level 28 version of the raid was totally doable with 27’s, so I anticipate level 29’s will be just fine, especially during the first half :wink:

Thought you were “30”? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I could be proper 30 if you lot would write my papers and take my finals for me :wink:

I’m not worried about me, I was just expressing the statistic to support those poor souls who aren’t 30 yet and might not be come the DLC’s release. I’m unlikely to tag along in the exploratory group because I’ve too much other shit to do; you people figure it out, post a guide, and I’ll be happy to tag along afterward :wink:

disappears into the shadows I ain’t volunteering for that shit lol


Yea I already did my time haha.

With 1 week left to kill my priority is to try and push my warlock as close to 30 as possible by using my alts to run VoG NM/HM this final week.

So, I suppose I should organize something for that.

Let me check back tomorrow and see what the final tally of interested members is and we will prioritize a prep group so we can get people as adequately prepared as possible with this last week. Come DLC day, I hope to hop online after work and do it all completely blind. If need be we can push it back a day or so in order to let others allocate their time, just no peeking!

Honestly… no promises on the no peeking lol

Dark Below goes live one day before my final final exam… I’m up for joining the exploratory group, but I’m going to be having a Destiny moratorium until 2200 CST on the 10th :frowning: