Darkness Incoming!


As i’m at work going to steal a small template from one of the intro threads i saw:

Age: 33
Country: USA State: KY
Interests (other than games): working on old cars/bikes, building/OCing PCs and arcade cabinets
Work: Civilian for the Dpt of the Army IT Specialist
Games I like: Currently playing overwatch on PC and Paragon on PC/PS4 at times (only a few games in so still learning it).
MMOs are my love, but burnt out on most MMOs atm, most recent was Blade and Soul, turned into to much of a cash shop, bots everywhere, and doing the same dungeons day in and day out just did me in.

Hoping to find a good community here to join and play with and actually enjoy a MMO how its meant to be played. PvP is my love, but i do enjoy any group content. Soloing isnt really my realm. Usual play times during the week is 9 or 10pm EST until 12-1am EST depending on how i’m feeling. Weekends i tend to play until 3am EST.

Any questions feel free to ask, or if you play any overwatch/paragon let me know!


Forgot to mention i come from an avid MMO background. From The Realm back in the early 90s, up to nearly all the decent ones currently. EQ1, EQ2, vanguard, WoW, Rift, Darkfall, Blade and Soul, ArcheAge, Warhammer Online, Dark Age of Camelot, and Aion to just name a few of the many.


Welcome to Strats!

I look forward to playing with you in the most GLORIOUS of MMOs, Albion Online.


Welcome to the site. How did you find us?

And we have an intro template? :poop:

We have a wiki-thread of Bllizzard battletags where you can add yours. Click the box with a pencil in the upper-right to edit the thread. Most of us in that list play Overwatch. I also have a Paragon account although I haven’t played in a month or more. I would be willing to play some games.

And as @Bradum has said, Albion Online will be starting up again in a couple weeks. If you’re excited about PvP, that might be an MMO for you to try.


Already said he’s playing in August in the sign up thread.


You guys appeared on my facebook thread for albion online.

I’ll get mine added to the bilzzard tags when i’m not at work, thanks! I picked up paragon to play with a buddy whos a contractor in Qatar, he sadly doesnt get good enough ping to join us for overwatch since he went back. I been meaning to play some more, had fun the 3 or 4 games i’ve played. I’ll see if we cant hookup for a few Paragon games on a weekend when i got some extra time for sure, possibly during the week, but my few hrs of game time tend to be on overwatch between a couple people i know IRL, although they seem to be dropping like flies. Be nice to have a group of people to play with again. Definetly will be hitting you all up for that probably tonight or tomorrow.

Yup, i bought albion long time ago. was around at the initial beta. I joined a guild from the albion forums, cant seem to remember their name, had a bit of fun till everyone started leaving as they accomplished most things. My playtime wasnt enough to keep up with those all dayers lol. I havnt played in along time. Be good to get back into it with everyone after wipe and relearn the game. Definetly excited, Miss PvP action!


Welcome aboard.


@Vocino - Was this your doing?


Yes, we’re currently running some Strats Albion promotions.


Anyone who mentions Warhammer Online shall drink rum with me!!!

Welcome to the cave! Have fun, drink lots of rum, go wild and have fun!!


I miss that game as terrible as it was.


I had a blast in that game. Miss it dearly. Rum? You nailed it, Sailor Jerrys!

Anyone back Camelot Unchained? I know i did. The creator of Mythic who did DAOC and Warhammer online is running it. Hoping it’ll be great.


I did but I haven’t been keeping up with the updates. Seemed like it fell off. Is it going well?


I miss it alot. It still is my favorite MMO game. Taking keeps, queuing for PvP. Orcs were the best!!!

THere is a Warhammer online with decent population i tried a couple weeks ago.[quote=“DarknessAngel, post:12, topic:11363”]
I had a blast in that game. Miss it dearly. Rum? You nailed it, Sailor Jerrys!

Pirates FTW!

I will not lie… Everytime i listen to that theme song i get goosebumps


Warhammer online? some kind of private server?! please do share! I miss my warrior priest.

It hasnt lost steam, but publicity has gone down quiet a bit as they are in the middle of major development. They are building their own engine from scratch which has had some set backs to the beta dates. Just last week they announced they hired 4 new programmers and looking for a 5th to get back on track out of their own expense. I been playing the tech pre alpha every few months to see the changes as well as mess with their CUBE build (for building structures in game) its really cool seeing the game go from nothing, to what it has. It has major potential and their concepts are rediculously cool.


EDIT: Adding screenshot… Damn it now i want to play it… Here are some screenshots many years old!



This is the one i tried.


Hey man, welcome to Strats! Look forward to gaming with ya


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome to Strats!