Darknesse, intro


Greetings, the names Sephith, or IGN Darknesse.

This is my second guild in beta, and looking forward to playing with you all. I came to albion expecting to be a gatherer/crafter, putting about 1.5mil fame into it before swapping and testing out classes. In my previous guild (infernal), i was promoted to organize and lead PvP for my time zone. I have no territory experience, though unfortunately and my guild died mostly due to other leadership inactivity.

Im primarily a support mage right now, likely playing Great Arcane or Demonologist debuff support (both unique builds i havent really seen others using). Looking forward to running some groups with you guys, being lead instead of constantly leading everything :smiley:


Welcome to Strats! What other games do you play?


Not a lot, really. Probably should have thought of that…

7days to die

To name a few.


Awesome. We have an ARK server. You should check it out. link


Welcome, second beta Albion friend! :strats_green:

Support classes unite.


What support builds do you run? I almost look for them in classes


I just meant in general. I’m not playing Albion during this beta. :frowning:


Welcome to the show.


Welcome aboard


Oh, still cool ;D
Planning on playing come live?
And thanks, to the rest


Welcome to Strats.