Dark's Albion material spreadsheet prototype



Just thrown this together over 15 minutes or so to get people throwing things they want/need at me to finish it up while i take a break from it all. Heres a working copy of T4 that should work for now, ill work on adding to whatever you want/need put into it later on. This is just a copy of the actual spreadsheet, feel free to edit whatever you like.

For now, all it does is calculate material costs of tier 4, 4.2 and 4.3 sets across the board and outputs the materials required to make them in the blue area.


Excellent initiative Dark! One suggestion I’m going to make before @Vocino gets a chance to… If you use a google form instead of linking straight to google sheets, then people can input things in to the spreadsheet without being able to edit it and mess it up.


This prototype can be trashed for all i care, its just a copy of what ive done.