Dauntless Founder's Alpha has begun



The alpha testing of Dauntless began last Friday. For anyone unfamiliar (as I was when it was first announced), this game is essentially American Monster Hunter. I had never played a Monster Hunter game so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Initially I was turned off to this game. I thought the combat was really slow and clunky. But I gave it a shot and bought into alpha. And so far I am very glad I did.

The premise is that you are a slayer and you hunt all these bad monsters that have been infused with magic. Sorta. You gather resources during your hunts (flowers for potions, ore for armor and weapons) in order to craft better gear. You also collect trophies (body parts) from the behemoths you hunt. These trophies allow you to craft gear which is based on the behemoth from which you took it.

So it’s a grindy game. And I’ve been ok with that.

You start off fighting behemoths which deal physical damage only. I am just now beginning to fight behemoths which are based on an element (shock, blaze, or frost). Supposedly there is a triangle where one element is more effective than the others at dealing damage. I hope that is actually implemented because I really enjoy game mechanics like that.

There are currently four weapons available (hammer, sword, axe, and chainblades/kusarigama) with a 5th one to be added soon. The weapons are also supposed to have their preferred uses, such as blades cutting tails and the hammer (blunt) bashing heads. I assume this is already implemented similar to the elemental damage. So far I’ve just been swinging wildly.

For anyone interested here is the website. I believe the alpha lasts until Sept 1 then the game will move directly into closed beta. There will be an open beta before the game launches as free-to-play near the end of the year.


Dauntless looks really cool. There’s also Monster Hunter: World that is apparently pretty similar.

This sounds pretty cool. Is all that happening persistent with your character or is this in the context of one match like a PUBG?


Everything is persistent. There are no levels in the game. It’s purely a gear grind. You gather materials and fight the monster then return to town to craft a new set of gear then move on to the next monster. Sometimes you might have to fight a behemoth several times to get that one drop you need to craft or upgrade your gear.

It’s a grind.

Also, there are no trash MOBs to fight on each island. You search the area until you find the monster then engage him. Fights can range in length from 5 to 20 minutes. You have a 30-minute time limit to complete the hunt.

As you progress through the game you will eventually fight multiple behemoths at once. I have not yet experienced that but I have the quest to attempt it.

I thought that I was over grindy games like this. However, Fortnite and Dauntless have shown me that I do still enjoy it as long as it comes in small doses.


I can definitely see that. My problem with those games is that I feel like I have no hope of keeping up with the people I play with (you all).


I have not fired up the founders alpha yet, but having had opportunity to play in the technical alpha I really enjoy the loot grind aspect of the game. Combat is good as it has similarities to Dark Souls, where learning the monsters patterns can make a huge difference in combat. It’ll be interesting to see how it coexists with Monster hunter world.