Dauntless Guild Has Been Created



Today I created a Strats guild for Dauntless. The guild’s name is StratsCo with a tag of STRATS.

For anyone unfamiliar, Dauntless is a free-to-play, Monster Hunter-style game in development for the PC. The game is currently in closed beta and requires you to buy-in if you want to test.


Today I was given four beta keys to be shared with Strats members. If you are interested in one please let me know.


Ah, the Albion model.


I would love a beta key if you still have some to spare! Pretty please!!!


Whaaaaaaaa? Yes, I’m down, I won’t get to play till Monday though, reserve weekend :neutral_face:


I will take a key if there are no serious hard-core dauntless fans that needs it
I quite enjoy the monster-huntery style games


Colour me interested. I assume the title is more fun with friends?


i was watching some streamers play this a while back and it looks hella fun, cant wait for it to get outta closed so i can play it the buy in is a little to rich for my wallet right now


soooo when/how are you gonna get us in the guild and also when are you gonna play with us? because biggles and i keep getting murderfaced by the shrike…


Let me know when you are playing. Generally I can be available anytime between 9am-9pm Central at least to do a hunt or two.

Later today I’ll write up a short post to introduce people to the game.

Maybe I’ll even make a video on how to fight Shrike! (S)He’s quite easy once you memorize the attack patterns. When he jumps high in the air, get ready to dodge just before he lands. When he runs away from you, that means he is about to do the flying charge toward someone. Roll into him or, if you are feeling tough, stand your ground and blast him with the hammer shotgun, sword special attack projectile, or maybe even melee attack to knock him down. Proceed to beat on him.


biggles is using sword and i am using the chain blades weapon
the issue is more the dodge seems to work inconsistantly (possibly lag related? or possibly related to “you were not quite done with you action animation even though you arent really doing anything right meow”) so it has been a little frustrating


I’ve noticed quite a lot of problems with dodging and animations. Granted, I’ve never played a Monster Hunter-type game ever and am not used to the slower animations.


I’m already in a guild, for now, but I would LOVE to have others to play with! DAUNTLESS is my NUMBER ONE game right now. I’m only T3 right now since the data wipe two days ago, for the special Closed Beta End event going on May 2 through May 22 as a precursor to Open Beta. Hoping to grind to T5 before Open Beta. I know they’re only offering a flare, and I probably already passed the check point to obtain it, but I gotta see how far I go!!!

Add Butterflies as a friend next time we’re in game, and let me know to add you, so we can protect the islands from the behemoths before they eat all the essence and drop us out of the sky! Poor oblivious precious violent babies.