Dawngate key for Premium Character and Skin Bundle

Through my Extra Life campaign, I’ve been given a key for Dawngate and I’d like to pass it on to the community. Please only redeem it if you plan to play as I only have one.

Our friends at Waystone Games want to invite one lucky person to play their exciting new MOBA called Dawngate. To say thank you for raising money for the kids in our community, they are giving away a premium character and skin bundle to in-game shaper Eidolon Nissa.



PS: If you have some extra bucks, consider helping some kids.


Great idea. Game developers are so generous sometimes!

been playing dawngate a little bit the last couple days. i won’t redeem the code though, i think there are some more serious MOBA players than me in this group. but i’ll donate, perhaps another key will be made available.

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