Day Four: Support


Who’s your favorite Support hunter? Reply below…

The last member of the team is the Support class. These characters come with different tools to help fill in gaps your team might be missing. The role of Support varies depending on the character, so pick one your team might need a boost in. They can bring extra damage, tracking or defense when needed. Every one of them players different, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Class ability:
Support’s class ability is the Cloaking Field. When used, the Support and any close by team members will go invisible for thirty seconds. Cloaking Field can be used to lay an ambush, retreat from a lost battle, or to pick up downed teammates. Firing your weapon or trying to fly away will give your location away to the Monster, so use with caution. Like most of Support’s abilities, communication is key so save it for an important moment that might change the tide of battle.


The default Support character, Hank brings a good boost of both damage and defense to the team. He is the only character in the game with the ability to shield another ally from damage. If a team doesn’t need shielding, Hank’s weapon deals a fair amount of damage while his airstrike can deal good bursts of damage at once.

Shield Gun: Hank uses a two handed device that creates a shield around a team member for as long you as you hold the trigger. This is a great way to stop a heavy attack from the Monster or protecting a hurt ally. Like Assault’s personal shield, this will create a large visible bubble around the target and like the medigun, is going to leave a nice visible beam leading right back to you. So you can bet that just like the Medic, you are going to get attacked pretty quickly using this. The device is not infinite and after a period of damage the bubble will break and you will have to wait for the recharge. Hank is almost a must if you have a Lazarus Medic because your team will need some kind of damage mitigation.

Orbital Barrage: Using the Orbital Barrage is like calling in Airstrikes in some FPS. You have to hold the trigger down on a location and wait a few seconds for the bombs to drop. This creates a nice chunk of damage if you can get the monster to stand still. Obviously the Monster won’t so using something like Maggie’s mines or Griffin’s Harpoon to hold it still is a great idea. You can also try to predict the path of the monster to call it, but with a long cooldown you’ll want to only use Orbital Barrage if you are sure it’s going to hit. Teammates, as well as yourself, hit by the blast will be sent flying back, so don’t miss it and send your friends into a bad situation.

Laser Cutter: The only gun that Hank uses is a rapid fire Laser Cutter. Continuously firing it will shoot out a stream of medium range beams. It doesn’t need a reload but it needs to recharge, your typical energy weapon.


This fun robot is full of surprises and versatility. Bucket plays best when the fight is stationary or on its terms. Using its head as a UAV, Bucket can fly it up to gain a good view of the battlefield and to track down the Monster. This makes Bucket a great option if you are using a Trapper that has more niche tracking methods that the Monster is evading. Sentry Guns and the Missile Launcher let Bucket focus on damage, but work best with a fight that doesn’t move around a lot.

UAV: With the UAV, Bucket is able to scout around the map with a quick little drone. If the Monster is spotted, hold focus on it and it will place a tracker on it for a short period of time, creating an icon on everyone’s screen. There are several drawbacks to using the UAV though, it can easily be destroyed and only last about thirty seconds. When in UAV mode, Bucket’s body is stationary and it is unable to defend itself. Either hide where you are not easily seen or have your team protect you while you are flying around.

Sentry Gun: These floating Sentry guns can be placed anywhere. After a few seconds to prime, they will fire at the closest target within their proximity. They do not prioritize targets and cannot be controlled by Bucket beyond the initial placement. These come in handy when defending a point or fighting the Monster in the thunderdome. Bucket can place multiple sentries at once, so be sure to lay them out at the start of a fight or around teammates.

Missile Launcher: Bucket’s offensive weapon, these rockets follow a laser guidance as soon as you shoot them. These work like most FPS missile launchers, better to use at a distance and kind of hard to hit at close range. It deals pretty solid damage to targets, thankfully the laser guide works well.


Like the other Support characters, Cabot brings unique tools to the battle including a super useful damage amplifier, a tagging device and a rail cannon to deal damage. His rail cannon is the only weapon in the game that can actually shoot through objects, like rocks or walls. Though he has this sweet weapon, the most important tool is the damage amplifier. Using this with a monster full of sniper weak points can crush it quickly.

Damage Amplifier: The Damage Amplifier is a steady beam that when kept on the monster will increase the damage it takes. It has to be recharged so be sure to work with the Assault to deal maximum damage. You are going to be visible when using this device, so like other beam related tools be careful about drawing attention to yourself. This should be the main tool you use in a fight!

Dust Tagging: Similar to the Orbital Strike, dropping this bomb from the air will explode, covering the area in dust. Anything touching the dust to be traced with an outline, similar to the tracer darts or tranquilizer gun. This is great for when you trap a monster in the dome or when it is hiding in stealth mode near you. The cool down is just terrible, way longer than what it should be for a weapon like this. So be careful you use it on a Monster that is running away. Missing wastes a lot of time.

Rail Cannon: This weapon looks bad ass and makes you feel like man. It fires like a single shot rifle and can go through objects. Once it goes through an object, the damage is cut and the radius starts to spread. It’s really good for chasing something, and works well with the Dust Tagging or other tracers. Be sure to bring your best aim with this weapon or you are going to be very frustrated shooting the air and paying for it with each slow reload. Though cool, it may be more optimal to use this only if you cannot get within range of using the Amplifier.

So here we have three different Support classes with three very different jobs. Like I said before, I think it’s a good idea to pick a Support that can cover your team’s weaknesses. If you have to be Support and you are unsure of who to pick, you really can’t go wrong with Hank. This was the original class I picked up but I was terrible at the Orbital Strike and felt that Bucket and Cabot were too slow for my playstyle. If you like being a jack of all traits and helping the team with Support let us know! As always, if you have advice or strategy be sure to share it with the group, maybe you can come up with some great class combos.

Tomorrow we are going to dive into the other side of the field, the Monsters.

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I like Hank, if only for the stogie :smiley:
But I also like shielding, my main in wow was a disc priest so seems like this might be a decent fit. My aim is crap so Cabot sounds out for sure.

I liked Hank too for almost the same reason. I was a disc priest and I liked the bubble. His shield really is handy though and i felt it soaks up a lot of damage before you have to charge it. Plus it gets that little bit of charge when the Monster changes targets so it didn’t feel like I was waiting on it all the time. Definitely a must for bad or slow medics :stuck_out_tongue:

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My favorite class! Playing as Hank felt very satisfying.