Day Nine: Night Before Launch

Well friends here we are! The last day. I almost wish I had something to go out with a bang with! With just a few hours away until launch I’ll just dive in right away with the little bit I have left to cover that didn’t fit in with previous posts.

Game Modes:

Hunt: The most advertised game mode of Evolve and the one I referred to frequently. Like a game of survival, the Monster must eat and grow while the Hunters try to track it down and kill it. Once the Monster reaches level 3 the Hunters can either continue the hunt or defend the power node which the Monster can now destroy. Destroying all the Hunters or the node will end the match. This game mode can be played on 12 regular maps.

Defend: Hunters must defend a fueling machine hooked up to a floating airship. They are given two generators which power walls to help defend the fueling machine. The objective of Defend for the Hunters is to either kill the Level 3 Monster or wait until the time is over. On the other side there is one Level Three Monster and two minions. The Monster Player must destroy the fueling machine to win the match. Spawn timers work differently, in this mode the Hunters get a quicker spawn while the Monster’s minions have a longer spawn time. The Monster must work in coordination with his minions to be effective.

Nest: In Nest there are six Monster eggs that must be destroyed. The Hunters are shown the location of two and must find the other 4 by getting close to them. The Monster defends these eggs, with the ability to hatch one, giving them an AI controlled minion. The Monster wins by either successfully defending the eggs for 10 minutes or killing all the Hunters before they respawn.

Rescue: Similar to Nest, the Hunters must find and escort NPC’s back to a ship. The NPC’s spawn in waves of 2, 2 and 5 making for a total of 9 that need to be rescued. Once the first wave is rescued or killed, the next will appear on the map. Armed with small guns, the NPC’s can defend themselves lightly, but require a full team to save them from the Monster or other wildlife. The Monster’s objective is to kill the NPC’s. Killing 5 ends the match.

Evacuation: This is like a mini-campaign to play where you play through 5 matches. Every match of Evacuation starts with Hunt on a random map, and snowballs from there. After the Hunt is completed, the players vote on a map and game mode without repeating. On the final round, a mode of Defend must be played. After each match the winner receives a bonus for the next map. This could be something like extra NPC’s to help the Hunters, or a poison on the battlefield that benefits the Monster. The loser receives a small stat bonus when they move onto the next map to help them turn the favor. While Evacuation is longer, it could serve as a ton of variety to the game besides the usual Hunt. Could make for a fun night with Strats!


Evolve has bots for both offline play, or for a team that has had people drop from an online. Hunter bots stick closely to the team and perform their job well. The Monster also does a great job, sometimes playing stronger than the person that was controlling them. If you have a bot on your team you can use the dpad to switch to that class, letting you take control of that character while giving the bot control of the body you just left. Bots help keep a good pace of the match and keeps things fair for both sides. Don’t be surprised if you join a match in progress in the body of a bot. Bots can also help out a group that only has a few people to play with and don’t want to take their match online with PUGs. If you are a new player the bots might also make a good practice session, letting you tweak the AI to fit your experience.

Speaking of Bots, do not be afraid the first time you boot up Evolve. There is a nice little tutorial that lets you try both sides. It’s a good way to learn all the basic concepts, guns, jetpack, tracking, Monster smell, feeding, it covers it all!


A small cosmetic thing, you are able to unlock and use badges that are visible over your name in the game lobby. These are just small detailed emblems that you can change the colors of to make yourself unique. As you progress in the level system, complete higher level accolades or progress in the character mastery you unlock more or different versions of badges. Very simple, but a fun little addition.


These are challenges with multiple levels that earn you experience and possibly badges. This is doing things like killing a certain amount of wildlife, win on specific biomes, obtain buffs or completing matches. They pop up as you play or after match so keep an eye out for those sweet boosts in experience.

So this is it! If you are reading this thanks for putting up with my shitty writing. Also thanks Vocino for your help with the design concepts in the beginning and making that awesome 10 days to Evolve picture. I hope people learned something about Evolve that they didn’t know before, or found a character you really want to try once the game releases. While I try not to pay attention to the reviews, I’m happy to see the game getting a lot of solid 8’s across the board. For a new series this is very promising! I’m really looking forward to seeing members make posts about the game or put together groups to go hunting. Have fun everyone! See you on Shear!