Day One: Assault


Who’s your favorite assault hunter? Reply below…

Today I’m going to talk about the first class in Evolve: Assault. The job of Assault is to be the main damage dealer and to soak up hits. This is the perfect class for beginners because of their responsibilities in battle boil down to just attacking. Smart monsters will target you last, so combined with the personal shield the assault has the highest survivability. That being said, smart monsters will also try to single you out and kill you if you stray too far away from the team, crippling the team damage until you return.

Class Ability:
All three characters have the same ability, the Personal Shield. Once used, the Assault is surrounded in a light blue bubble that protects them from damage. It really comes in handy if you have a medic that cannot heal, or cannot get to you in time. Using it when down can buy you a bit more time from attacks while someone tries to pick you up.


Markov is the starting Assault class unlocked. Very balanced, Markov is your typical damage dealer from a distance. His weapons consist of:

Assault Rifle: A mid to long range rifle that is good to keep pressure on an escaping monster. You never run out of ammo in this game, so fire away.
Lightning Gun: Heavy beam of damage that chain-attacks close targets. This is useful for clearing out multiple creatures quickly or dealing hard damage to the monster. Like most beam weapons, it has to cool down.
Arc Mines: Big landmines that can be used in defense. You can lay them out to protect teammates or an objective. They are good for traps as well, placing them on ledges the monster may climb while hiding in a dome.


Hyde is the second Assault you can unlock. Hyde’s weapons are short range and is geared to get in close to chase the monster. Possibly the highest DPS in the game, Hyde works best when the monster has to come to you. His flame thrower is a great way to get threats off of a teammates, or flushing it out of a hiding spot.

Minigun: Similar to the Heavy in Team Fortress 2. The accuracy isn’t that great but it can be effective at medium range. Use this if you can’t get in close with the flame thrower.
Flame Thrower: Short, steady stream of damage. Really good for getting in the face of the monster and dealing a ton of damage. Nothing will stay in the flame long though so be prepared to do a lot of running.
Toxic Grenade: Similar to a gas grenade in other games, it damages the monster as long as he is in the radius. You can use it defensively to protect a teammate, or to flush it out of a cave.


Parnell is the glass cannon Assault, increasing his damage with his Super Soldier ability by decreasing some of his health. Bringing both short range and long range, Parnell has more range options but less to contribute in situations except straight damage. If you have a good medic, Parnell can burst DPS like no tomorrow. Like Hyde, Parnell is tough to do damage to a fleeing monster that is getting away.

Combat Shotgun: Close range, fully auto shotgun. Works like a shotgun with a larger clip.
Rocket Launcher: Fully auto rocket launcher. Things blow up. If you played quake you know how to rocket launcher.
Super Soldier: Increases fire rate and speed at the cost of health. Use this often with the personal shield to prevent your HP dipping to fast if you gain the attention of the monster. This is the core ability of Parnell.


This is awesome!

Actually, I’m fairly certain Hyde’s Grenades don’t slow the monster, if they do its extremely minimal and doesn’t stop them from just jumping or warping out instantly. They do slow the hunters though.

What’s the point then?

If someone goes down you could drop a grenade on them to get whatever is attacking them away, this would slow the reviver and down person from getting away once they are up . You could also use them to make choke points in defending game modes, be it a hostage or point, to keep the monster back.

The slow on teammates can be a double edged sword where the grenade is more harm than good, like if you were in the thunderdome. While you can’t hurt your team mates with abilities, they can do some irritating effects. One of the support classes can drop an orbital strike which if a teammate is hit, it has a large knock back.

@Carter_Holland might be right about no slowdown effect. This might just have just been my misinterpretation when slowing the monster means just making it go another way around due to the poison radius blocking it.

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Not sure why they chose to have them slow the hunters.

The grenades’ dot does the same damage (or near enough) as one of markov’s mines and covers a larger area with an instant burst. Using them like a Frag grenade will get you nowhere, as the monster isn’t in the dot long enough. Drop them where you don’t want the monster to go, like on a body, especially if you have laz on the team, and even moreso if you are up against Wraith. Hyde’s grenades are great at revealing the wraith when its invisible due to their area of effect.

They are hard to use against kraken, best thing I’ve found is to burst them high on walls the kraken might strafe into or try and nail him with one to force him to move, or even better, drop.

Overall Markov’s mines are generally more useful for their burst damage, and also because Hyde needs to stick close to the monster to keep the heat on.

Get it? Keep the heat on, cause he has a flam…okay, nevermind, I’m done now.


I agree, I think Markov’s mines, in most situations, bring better options to the table. I didn’t get to play Hyde a whole lot in the short time frame I had so while I respect his good damage, I’m not a very up close kind of player and the few times I played him I had trouble keeping up with the monster until someone was able to tie it down. I never saw Hyde vs a Wraith but I know the invisibility was a huge hassle to an inexperienced team.

You bring some good advice Carter. You sound like you know quite a bit about the game! You are always welcome to join us on the forums discussions or the game. We plan on playing the PS4, with some people going to the PC version. We welcome all kinds to play with us, so stick around if you’d like to!

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Will do, I’ve gone a bit nuts for this game. I’m on the forums and the reddit all the time.

Have you guys been watching the press build streams on twitch? They are a wealth of information. My favorite 3 are theguidance, Insane521, and Maniacsquirell (who is actually a TRS dev) I’m Applecrow in the forums/twitch chat.

Last night asked about the grenades, turns out the reason for the slow was to dissuade the hunters from using them too much as safe zones to stand in.


[quote=“Carter_Holland, post:8, topic:4654, full:true”]
Have you guys been watching the press build streams on twitch? They are a wealth of information.[/quote]

I’m not sure if he’s still streaming Evolve, but TangentGaming is a fantastic Monster player. He should have plenty of videos to watch.

Is TangentGaming the guy that could not be beat as a Monster? Or at least like 100 - 0?

Very possible. I haven’t seen him lose a game while I’m watching.