Day Seven: Wraith & Behemoth


The third and final launch monster is the Wraith. This momma is all about playing sneaky and dirty, just how I like it. Wraith is hands down the hardest Monster to play as and requires mastery of all the basic concepts like sneaking, keeping armor up and perk hunting. There’s a reason why you unlock her last. Playing the Wraith requires you do a lot of hit and run tactics, a direct fight will get you shut down fast. Wraith is also the smallest of the Monsters and can be very easy to lose in the dark jungles and caves, so use this to your advantage! The Wraith can use a Warp ability which allows here to teleport a short distance forward. You can use this several times before it has to recharge, making it a great get away tool. Warp is vital to staying out of the fight!


Decoy: Hands down, most important ability of the Wraith. A copy of Wraith splits off and attacks Hunters in range, leaving you invisible for a short duration. You can use this to attack wildlife/Hunters without taking damage, probe the Hunters hoping they waste their cooldowns or escape from fights. Always start the game with this ability, you need it. Decoy has a decent cooldown so use it often but smart. This is also your saving grace in the dome. Remember, they are trapped in there with you. Not the other way around.

Abduction: Wraith will warp forward and grab a Hunter, then warp back to the spot she used the ability at. Since there are no knockback attacks, this is a great way to separate Hunters. When you use Abduction, a small red target will let you aim your attack. The window is small so you really have to be on your game with aiming!

Warp Blast: Like Warp, the Wrath teleports forward and explodes in a small AoE. This is a good way to start a fight if you are spotted, or chaining a sneak attack. Use this on Hunters grouped together or someone that is low health that is trying to get away.

Supernova: The Wraith makes her own, much smaller, arena around her. This attack visibly creates a misty bubble which decreases the Wraith’s attack but greatly increases speed of attacks. Wraith literally becomes a claw tornado and will make any Hunter think twice about pulling you close. This is the definition of burst damage but if you leave the arena you make, the attack ends so don’t let the Hunters escape! Your decoy will also benefit from this attack so using both creates a messy slaughter combo of hot, double claw action.

Wraith’s attacks let you pick the team apart one by one. You are not expected to take down the entire team in one swoop, in fact it is almost impossible. You need lots of patience with this Monster. Each time a Hunter goes down and lose max health is a win, so get someone down and get away! Lazarus is not your friend since he can undo all your hard work with his revive ability, be extra cautious and single him out. We had a talk about health management the other day, losing health as a Wraith is bad news bears. You will most likely spend the entire match hurt so keeping armor up is a must in between Hunter ganks. Always be on the lookout for Health regen perks through elites, they can really put the match in your favor! Bring your best Trapper when fighting this beauty queen, she is slippery (insert lewd joke here).


Behemoth is the fourth Monster in Evolve. This big guy is the first DLC Monster that will be added to Evolve. Pre-ordering the game will nab you the big man for free when he becomes available. Just teased last month there hasn’t been any hands-on time with him besides the information given. What we do know is that he is big, very big. Taller than the Goliath and almost twice as wide. There was a public poll voted on by the community on his name, the choices were “Titan”, “Colossus”, “Juggernaut” and “Behemoth” (which obviously won). IGN released some early WIP footage of him on a test stage, showing that his movement consists of rolling around and explaining that he cannot jump but he can climb slowly. Like a rolling stone, the more he rolls the faster he gets. No moss on this guy. This will involve making use of big and wide open maps where he can gain that speed to get away.

As you can imagine with the biggest amount of armor and the game and very slow speed, Behemoth is short ranged but very powerful. Here are the abilities that have been revealed:


Tongue Grab: Obviously Hunters are going to stay away, so you need to bring them to you. With a very long reach, Behemoth will pull targets to him with his tongue. If the Hunter’s get harpoons, it’s only fair the Monsters do too, right?

Rock Wall: Behemoth raises a giant rock wall in front of him. The dev’s ideas for it include: boxing in a tongue grabbed enemy, splitting up a group of Hunters, protecting you from incoming attacks, and a barrier to get away with. This ability could get extremely tactical with all its options! The more points you put in, the bigger it gets.

Fissure: Behemoth slams his fists down to create a frontal shockwave. Anything hit with this ability will be dealt damage and get stunned for a short period of time.

Lava Bomb: Behemoth throws a large bomb that breaks into smaller chunks coating the area with fire. The fire will deal damage for a short duration and is classified as an area denial ability. One of the ideas they described its uses is to drop it on a downed hunter to deny help from getting to them.

So it sounds like while he isn’t mobile, Behemoth has a lot of crowd control and a lot of damage. For Hunters, stopping Behemoth in the early stages is critical. The longer he is a live the more armor he is going to gain, the closer he is to evolving and getting even more upgrades. This also leads to the decision for the Monster: when you evolve you lose almost all your armor, is it worth losing all your armor just for more abilities and health? It sounds like the decisions are going to be really tough for Behemoth. I don’t know how easy it is going to be to track him, something rolling around sounds pretty easy to track, especially if he has very little options of climbing. Similar to the Wraith, it’s going to be a lot of small fights instead of one big battle when fighting Behemoth. If it’s anything like the other Monsters in Alpha/Beta, I expect Behemoth at launch to be very OP until they get good at balancing. When they release more information or a release date I’ll be sure to make a post!

This concludes the chapters on the Monsters. As we wind down on the Ten Days to Evolve and hype up for release, I have just a few more topics to discuss. One topic that has already proved hot is the discussion of DLC. Tomorrow I will be breaking down all the DLC and DLC plans for Evolve. If you have an opinion on it, like some of you have already said in previous discussions, be sure to bring your best debate hat tomorrow!


I’m getting stoked!

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Behemoth… wow.

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