Day Six: Kraken


Holy Cthulhu! The second monster in the game is the Kraken! Unlike Goliath, Kraken’s attacks are a middle ground between distance and close range. In order to stay away the Kraken can use flight in and out of battle. When out of battle the flight is limited to short bursts and gliding. You can “kick off” with a forward dash and float with a few “flaps” to keep you up. This is essential to get away in the early stages when you don’t have a lot of armor. When in battle, the Kraken can stay in the air which is advised for his long ranged attacks. Of course you are an easier target so learning how to strafe is a must. While on the ground you melee attack with your tentacles but in the air your melee becomes a ranged shot. With less armor and more “spell” like abilities, the Kraken can be considered more of a caster type attacker. Time for a big squiddy kiss!


Lightning Strike: Shocking, the biggest and most threatening attack of the Kraken. It calls down several lightning bolts in a circle which slowly come together in the middle and explode. As it is casting you are able to guide it a short distance and is MUCH easier to control from the air at an angle. Hunters can evade this attack with strafing so take this into consideration while you cast it. Lightning Strike is a great way to attack creatures safely when trying to evolve because they are stationary and not expecting it.

Aftershock: A close ranged, area of effect attack that surrounds Kraken in electricity. Like the fire breath for Goliath, you can continue to move while you cast this. Aftershock makes a combo attack while you are trying to melee targets on the ground. This attack also is good damaging multiple enemies at once.

Vortex: With an electrical burst, the Kraken fires a cone of damage in front of it. Similar to charge, anything that is hit with it is pushed back. This is great for a class that is getting too close, like Hyde. Well timed Vortex attacks can also push off and separate Hunters from the others. Isolating people is one of the deadliest things you can do as the Monster so make good use of your surroundings.

Banshee Mines: The Kraken can pop out a few of these gross little orbs at a time, using them like moving land mines. Once an enemy gets close to them, be it a Hunter or creature, they will slowly start to home in on them. If one touches something it will explode, dealing damage. As a Hunter if you see one of these coming at you, stop what you are doing and shoot it down. They explode when shot at and knock the other mines away (this won’t make them explode though, they are still going to go for you so each of them have to be shot). There are a lot of tactical advantages to this mines, you can use them to delay chasing Hunters, or you can use them in the confusion of battle to create more work for them.

Kraken takes a little bit to get used to but can be very rewarding if done right. With little room for error you really have to know what you are doing and quick, so spend some time with Goliath even after you unlock Kraken. If you charge in like the Goliath you are going to get owned, so make excellent use of stealth attacks, flying, and your excellent range abilities. You are the middle ground of all three monsters, a good balance of long range damage, short range, and escape tactics.

Kraken was my original favorite monster, and the reason why I started paying attention to Evolve. The design and playstyle of Kraken is perfect, but it fights hard with tomorrow’s monster for my love. I am going to do a twofer to close out the Monster chapter tomorrow. We’ll start with the Wraith and all her beauty, then move on to bigman himself, Evolve’s first dlc monster: The Behemoth.