Day Three: Medic


Who’s your favorite Medic? Reply below…

So we’ve gone over the raw power of the Assault. We know that you actually need traps to capture a monster and thanks to the Trapper we have many ways to try. Though, Monsters just don’t take a beating and a caging laying down, and when you make them angry they fight back. That’s why when you fall and scrape your knee, the Medic is there to rub a little dirt in it, and slap a Band-Aid on. Like the Trapper, the three Medics all play very differently, and one in particular plays unlike a Medic at all. It’s no secret that if you play the Medic you are going to be the one keeping the team alive. Uniquely, the Medic class is the only class in the game as of now that uses long range sniper rifles in a very unexpected way. Usually, Medic will always be target number one by the Monster so be on your toes not only aware of ally HP but the tons of monster teeth coming down on you.

Class Ability:
All the Medics get the Healing Burst ability. Using the Healing Burst creates a decent area of effect heal, healing yourself and your teammates. For Val and Lazarus, this is the only way to heal themselves. For Lazarus, this is the only healing option he can contribute to the team. This ability is a great burst of healing in a pinch and topping players off. With a quick recharge you can use this ability frequently. The only drawback is that you have to be decently close to someone.


Val is the only traditional Medic in the game and the one that is initially unlocked. Equipped with the Medgun she plays similar to the Medic in Team Fortress 2, following an ally with a beam of healing. In the eyes of a Monster she is easy to spot with her long reaching Medgun, so Val really has to be ready to get away from a situation. Val is a great beginner’s medic with very easy to use abilities. If you are bad shot, don’t be afraid of the sniper rifle. It plays differently from other games.

Medgun: Val’s bread and butter. This little handheld healing device will give your teammates a quick health refill as long as you hold the trigger. With a good range and a long battery you can keep the team healthy and happy. Similar to Planet Side 2, if you use it on a downed teammate you can bring them up once their health is considered full. This allows you to do a ranged revive incase the downed person is in a bad or hard to reach location. Your bright green beam though gives your position away as soon as you break it out, making you a perfect glowing target for the Monster.

Tranquilizer Rifle: This is where Val breaks away from the traditional medic. This ranged rifle will actually slows the monster down and applies a short tag. This is great for harassing an escaping monster or highlighting it to the team when it is approaching. In the middle of combat it is tough to switch out of this but one pop in a fight will make it clearer to see and slow it down when chasing after a low health ally. The tag doesn’t last long but if you keep shooting it the tag will continue to reapply.

Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle: You won’t be FPS Doug with this gun but you can still pop a few rounds off when you find the time. Each shot that lands creates a weakpoint on the monster, shown as a white circle to the entire team. Anyone that hits these weakpoints deals additional damage. Of course getting a shot leading to a weakpoint in the head is optimal but if you can get some good body shots the team can still rack up the damage.


Lazarus plays unlike any medic I’ve ever seen in a game before. The only healing ability he has is the Healing Burst every medic shares. This means that you are the weakest healer, and will have to really learn the best timing for Healing Burst. The strength in Lazarus is in his “Lazarus Device”, a gloved tool that revives dead teammates. With a silenced sniper rifle and cloaking abilities, Lazarus has very high survivability against the monster. Playing Lazarus takes a lot of cunning and planning, so be sure to communicate with your team so they can prepare a good distraction.

Lazarus Device: The main tool for Lazarus, it revives both downed and dead teammates. Lazarus is the only character in the game that can bring someone back from death. This is extremely important because in Evolve, if you die you have to wait for a 2 minute respawn time before you are dropped back onto the map. Lazarus can bring back a team that has lost the battle very quickly before the Monster can regroup. If someone is dead too long they may respawn or be unable to be revived, so act fast. Reviving with the Lazarus Device does not start the player at full health, so it might need to be combed with Healing Burst. The Lazarus Device also has to be charged before each use, but it will only take a few seconds compared to a normal revive.

A note about being downed: When your health is depleted, you go into a last stand mode. You are able to defend yourself until the time runs out, but it’s very minimal damage. A Monster can continue to attack a downed hunter to speed up the death. If a teammate revives you during the downed period, you come back to life with a chunk of your maximum health missing for the rest of the game. If you go down again you lose another part of your maximum health, but it is capped after two. This means for the rest of the match your character is going to be easier to kill. Going down isn’t the end of the world, but each time someone goes down the team gets a little weaker and will have to work that much harder. This is why Lazarus is given less healing options, because with him a medic it is just better to start fresh.

Cloaking Device: With the ability to cloak himself, Lazarus can sneak up for a revive or escape the wrath of a Monster. Use it to gain attention and draw the beast away. You are not invincible though, the Monster can still attack and damage you even if they can’t see what they are hitting.

Silenced Sniper Rifle: Similar to Val, Lazarus uses a sniper rifle that leaves weak points when they make contact. The difference in this gun though, is that it has rapid fire and a shorter scope, making it more like a battle rifle. Also like Val, it does not deal a lot of damage. The strength is in creating a bunch of weak points where another class can exploit.


Caira is the third Medic you can unlock. She uses grenade launchers to both heal and do damage, and boosts her surrounding teammates with speed. While Val is a single target heal, Caira can heal multiple targets with a few skilled healing grenades. With this character you will be spending the majority of your time blasting those healing grenades while keeping damage over time on the monster. Caira is very self-explanatory in her abilities.

Grenade Launcher: The launcher comes with two types of grenades. The color on the side of the barrel shows which type you are using.

  • Napalm: Once it explodes it ignites the target on fire. This is a slow burn over time that deals a good amount of damage.

  • Healing: These burst into green mist the heal everyone within radius. This is good for getting a group that is bunched together. These can also be fired at your feet to heal Caira, giving her two options on self-healing. Expect to be using these the entire match while you refresh your napalm when needed.

Acceleration Field: This area of effect boosts teammate speed for a short amount of time. This is great for a team that needs to track/escape the Monster or needs to move to the next objective quickly. Gotta go fast.

I have to say that my favorite character is Lazarus. My first match when I realized I had no way to heal except the burst I felt it was the worst character in the game. By the end of the match I was won over with just how useful his Lazarus device really was. There is a lot less pressure and you actually get to attack the monster instead of following the team around with the Medgun. Not every team works this way though and in some situations Lazarus can be very bad, especially if he is the first to go down. If your team needs a Medic and you don’t feel comfortable healing, he is a great class to pick.

I didn’t get to unlock Caira so if anyone has any stories or more advice for her feel free to give your opinions. Are you a fan of healing and contributing to the team rather than attack? Is this something you’d like to do in your group? Let us know!


I tend to gravitate toward the support classes and Medic interests me greatly.

It’s the same for me. I like to play the healer so I really wanted to learn everything about the Medic. Healing can be it’s own reward, but like MMO’s you are the first one to blame when the team dies. Medics are so unique in this game with all the things they can do that I think i’ll be sticking to this if the groups let me.

i still call monster, which means i get to kill you first woohooo!!

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I have not researched recharge times, but during my beta play it always felt as though Lazarus’ Healing Burst was available much faster than Val’s. Maybe it was simply that I felt the need to use the Burst on Laz more often.

Guess I should consult Google about that.

Medic was my favorite, followed closely by Support. I loved that Val and Laz could increase the team’s damage (did not play Caira).

I’m excited for tomorrow! That’s my favorite class… This is such good work @Nubhugs!!

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Thank you Pitt! That means a lot.

@teh_ninjaneer I FELT that way too, like he could recharge it faster but that might be because it was my only ability really.

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This page says Lazarus’ Healing Burst has a faster recharge but heals for less.

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