Day Two: Trapper


Who’s your favorite trapper hunter? Reply below…

Today is going to be all about the Trapper, which in my opinion, is the most unique class in the game. Breaking from traditional roles in FPS, the trapper is all about tracking down the monster and keeping it contained. Each Trapper character has their own strengths and weaknesses, and a different tracking style. Using medium to short range weapons, Trappers usually only have one weapon to do damage with, but bring a whole mess of gadgets.

Class Ability:
All Trappers use the mobile arena ability. When used, the Trapper drops a device that creates a giant energy dome around them. One placed anything within the dome is stuck within until the timer runs out, or the Trapper is killed. If a Hunter is outside of the dome when it is dropped, they can enter but cannot exit. The Mobile Arena lasts about a minute and has about a minute cooldown. When there are ten seconds left to the Mobile Arena, the Trapper will warn everyone out loud that it is coming down. With a few second prep time, using the arena can be very intimidating for new players. If the monster escapes you have to immediately take your arena down and wait for the recharge cooldown. With a proper Mobile Arena, a team can inflict devastating damage to a low level Monster. With only two options, it can either choose to fight or hide. The size of the arena is quite high, so a Trapper must really pay attention to the area they are locking down. A Kraken could fly behind pillars to create cover or a Goliath can climb tall pillars and knock people off. Communication is the key to the Mobile Arena, so make sure everyone’s abilities are ready and plan is set.


Maggie is the default Trapper at the start of the game and very beginner friendly. The key difference between Maggie and the other Trappers is that she has a pet Trapjaw which is used for tracking the monster. If a new team has trouble with tracking, Maggie is a safe bet to keep people always in the action.

Daisy: The dog-like companion for Maggie. Daisy’s main use is to chase down the monster when it is getting away. If you are completely lost on where it went, the team can follow Daisy to get back on track (Once she picks up the scent). Keep in mind though, she doesn’t always use the direct route and in conjunction with the map you can try to cut off a monster with a few other team members while the Trapper brings up the rear. Daisy can also track down a stealth monster, her animation changes to ground sniffing when it is close and in stealth mode. Daisy does not contribute to fights in damage, but she can revive downed teammates when they are close. This is very handy for a team that is man down or the medic cannot break away. Treating like a 5th member, Daisy can go down herself and even die. If that happens she will respawn on the next dropship and link up with the Trapper when close.

Harpoon Mines: These little mines are amazing. They are shot out of a launcher and deploy after several seconds. One primed, when the monster comes close they will shoot out and hook themselves into it. This creates a very visible line that everyone can see. Once hooked, the monster can only travel so far from the mine until they break it off. You can plant several mines at once, the more that latch into the monster the longer it will take to break off. These are great for so many uses. You can stop a fleeing monster, block a monster from getting close to a weaker teammate, or use it to keep the monster still long enough to drop something heavy on it like an orbital strike. It only buys you a few seconds, but you never run out, so a Trapper should keep popping them off (you are limited to how many on the field at once though, which is indicated on your HUD).

Machine Pistol: The only offensive weapon on Maggie. A decent sized clip, this is good for medium to short range. High damage, low accuracy. Like most guns, you have to reload them, but ammo is infinite so you don’t have to be conservative.


Griffin uses more of a hands-on approach to capturing the monster. Without a pet, he relies on tracking the monster through motion spikes and instead of using mines to tether it, he using a big ass harpoon gun. If you have Griffin on your team, you are trading in damage for stability and map coverage, so be sure to compensate for this.

Sound Spikes: The main tracking method for Griffin. These can be placed anywhere on the map to create a large circle visible to all players. If the monster walks within range of a spike, the map will show its location. There are a ton of different ways to use these. You could place them in a straight line to cover the middle of the map or use them at choke points to warn you when the monster is coming towards an objective. Be creative! The biggest drawback is they cannot cover the entire map. If a monster sticks to the nooks and crannies on the sides you are going blind. They can also be destroyed if spotted, so it’s best to try stick them out of sight or an inconvenient reach.

Harpoon Gun: Oh baby, it’s time to go all Ahab on this Moby-Dick. Griffin can blast a single harpoon at the monster, dealing a bit of damage and leashing it. Like Maggie’s mines, the harpoon can be cut off. But that never stopped you did it? After a short reload you are ready to stick that pig again. Keeping the monster from launching around the map or flying too high, the Harpoon gun is the main tool Griffin should be using in most situations. The biggest problem is this puts a giant target on your back, especially in the mobile arena, so have a medic ready because it’s going to find you fast. But you are man with a Harpoon gun, you had a death wish from the start.

Gauss SMG: Mid-range damage dealing weapon. Not very useful except to peel off wildlife. I don’t suggest using this often because that harpoon is all you need in life.


Abe proves that we can still have the Wild West in the future. Abe is very risk reward in tracking, he doesn’t have a pet or sound spikes, but a tracking dart to keep tabs on the monster. He is a great monster debuffer and brings some solid damage, but requires more skill to track efficiently.

Tracking Darts: These are single shot tracking darts that can be used on any wildlife or the monster itself. Once used an icon will appear on screen on the tracked target. If you played Battlefield you might be familiar with this type of weapon. If you couldn’t track the monster, you can pop a few on important wildlife you might expect the monster to eat, such as an albino creature which the monster might attack to gain a temporary buff. Once eaten you are able to see the monster’s icon on your HUD. This isn’t a terribly complicated weapon, but requires accuracy by the player.

Stasis Grenade: Hitting the monster with a stasis grenade considerably slows the beast down. Not only is it’s movement slower, but its attacks are slowed as well. This makes for a great debuffer to get some good damage in, especially in the Mobile Arena since the monster is easier to hit. Unlike the harpoon, once hit with, the monster has to wait out the slow effect.

Shotgun: The shotgun Abe uses is pretty unique compare to typical FPS shotguns. The faster you fire this weapon, the bigger the cone of damage gets after each shot. If you space shots out, you become more accurate for a better mid-range use. If you are very close, by all means fire away as fast as your little finger pulls until you have to reload.

So friends, we come to the first really teamwork related class. The Trapper is incredibly rewarding but very stressful to me. What do you think? Is this something you’d like to do? Do you want to literally be the harpoon that holds the team together? Can you survive in the thunder dome you drop around you? Got more advice to tell other players? More strategy is always welcome so don’t be afraid to contribute!


Griffin looks like a bad ass.

Have you even seen Abe’s hat?!

If it was up to me, I would have just cropped Griffin’s mustache for his picture. But not everyone appreciates a fine mustache. @DrizztDo_Urden69

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haha why am i getting called out here!

Because I didn’t want to call out Pitt and I feel you need a good boppin’. Stop hatin’ on Griffin’s mustache Drizz. You should see all the heads he has collected and when you play monster your damn right I’m adding another!

haha i see someone is in a dream state right now, it’s ok keep dreaming for now. I’ll wake you up later with your death.

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Oh it is maggie for sure. Daisy is such a cute pup

I have to admit… in a scary way Daisy is a cutie. She’s so happy and he revive animation is so adorable.

Yea I’m thinking Daisy is where its at.

On a side note, seems they slighted female characters. No female assaults or specialists/support, 1 trapper, and so 2 of the 3 are medics aka nurses.

Not that I’m fond of playing female characters but its nice to have the options for both genders. Dragon Age MP is the opposite where it seems you’re forced into playing more female characters.

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There will be at least 2 sets of DLC Hunters. There’s a chance for gender equality.