Dear Strategists, let's help some kids

Dear Strategists,

I wanted to write an update from the Extra Life 2014 (October 25th) topic.

Congratulations to those that signed up for the Strats team and to those that have donated to Strats team members, thank you! Thanks to all of you, we now have 5 participants on our team and we’ve raised a total of $125.

Still, we can do better. If you haven’t yet utilized the tools on your Extra Life DonorDrive Central don’t worry, there’s still time! Let’s do all we can to engage the people we know to either join this team, or support our life-saving efforts. We can always do better, and thanks to you, we are improving our impact every single day.

We don’t ask for membership fees or donations to the running of this site but right now everyone here has the opportunity to help this community in the form of promotion on Extra Life. At the same time, you will be literally saving the lives of children in your local communities. I urge you to take this opportunity and use October to make a difference, both here on Strats and with kids in need.

Thanks for all your hard work. Keep it up!

Best regards,



We’ve really rallied since posting this! Great job everyone. Let’s keep up the momentum rolling. If you haven’t donated, can you spare just $10 towards our goal? If even just the most active Strats members donated $10, we would meet our goal of $1000 by October 25th.

Donate to someone on the roster or join the Strats team yourself and get your friends and family to support our cause.

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