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Agreed. I go through these stages where like, I won’t play Skyrim for months and then I suddenly develop this strange desire to do an ultra modded playthrough.

Current state of Strats.Co Planetside 2?

Exactly, Might as well call it Skyrule right now.


Do you ever actually complete the story though! I usually think of a great character idea, spend 2 hours planning it and making the character in the creation screen then lose interest once I get out of the cave.

Also this is off topic now. Should move this to another thread.


What mod is that? I’m interested.


It’s a few different ones that I’ve picked up off of the Steam Workshop. I’ll make a ‘How to Skyrule’ thread a little later on today after school stuff with the specific mods.


I dont even bother with the story anymore. I use the Alternate Start mod on Nexus to bypass the whole starting point and do my own thing.