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Thoughts? Vote (top left). This is essentially a use case for new users and people who visit to read our award-winning shitposts but never end up signing up.


I would not recommend this.

I love dark themes. But the dark theme might hurt people with some eye problems. The light gray font and darker gray background and stuff like that.

I have a friend who actually got dizzy looking at strats dark theme last night. He mixes colors all the times. He told me that the colors and the user avatars seemed weird in a way that made him dizzy.

Maybe upon registration, add in big bold letters that there is a Dark theme (If not already there)

If that didnt happened last night, i would 100% agree to Dark to default


Honestly, I say leave it Light by default; a lot of us are now using the Dark theme, and it’s good that it’s available, but I think a lot of folks are used to the Light theme (still generally the standard on most websites) and folks can toggle it in their settings if they so choose.