Defend The Throne - SWTOR Update 5.1



Anyone still playing SWTOR? New update 5.1 is live now: Defend the Throne. It looks like there’s some decent content out there but maybe just more of the same.

If you’re not heavily invested in the SWTOR story, it feels like there’s not much to do except continue to grind. Playing through the primary storylines was fun on release but it doesn’t seem like the raid content and end game has ever been there. They’re clearly focused on creating more single-player story in a lobby-like multiplayer environment.

I’d like to see better progression systems and a real sense of high end raiding where you would need a good guild to accomplish things. That would get me interested. I’m not sure this will ever happen at this point.

Honestly, some of those wishes might already exist but I haven’t given the game the time on the max-level side to experience them.

Rally your troops for battle as rivals, traitors, and rogues alike seek to challenge your rule in Knights of the Eternal Throne. Whether you’re fighting alongside allies in five new Uprisings or proving your combat mastery in Master Mode story Chapters, the time has come to DEFEND THE THRONE!

Unlock all this and more with the new Galactic Command system when you reach Level 70 in the new expansion. From Uprisings to Dark vs. Light Battles, Knights of the Eternal Throne puts you in command of the galaxy!


From the darkest corners of Coruscant to the sandy shores of Rakata Prime, prepare your crew for battle as new enemies rise up across the galaxy to challenge your rule. Put your combat skills and teamwork to the test as you and three friends take on rogue Republic troops, mutated monsters, primeval terrors, and much more!


Take your story to the next level with Master Mode, the newest and most challenging combat level available for all 25 Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapters! The soldiers of the Eternal Empire are more formidable than ever, and you alone must triumph over the galaxy’s most powerful family. Are you ready for the ultimate combat test?


Bolster your defenses with the galaxy’s newest gear, including never-before-seen armor, vehicles, weapons, and more! Lead a covert strike wearing the new Silent Warden Jedi robes, channel your inner fighter pilot with the Resourceful Engineer’s Armor, or roll into battle atop the Dread Behemoth tank. Check out the new pack in the in-game Cartel Market!


I downloaded the game a few weeks ago and gave it a try. Despite its great story, the game has not aged well. It felt very sluggish and the animations seemed so slow.

I don’t believe any new operations (raids) have been added in a few years (since the level cap was 60 maybe). They just keep raising the level of MOBs in the old operations. I don’t think the space combat has been touched in years either. However, if you’re looking for Bioware story and you miss KOTOR, then this is likely the game you want. To me it seems they just keep releasing new companions and solo stories.

Even the “dungeons” can be completed with just 2 players each using a companion (to reach the 4 members required).

It’s certainly a different type of MMO now with it’s focus on single-player story. But it was one of the last tab-target games and it really shows how slow that style of gaming is.


That’s about what my impression was. Game updates tend to increase resolution on textures and add more detail but animations are what really make a game feel dated.


Oh gosh, a former coworker insisted that I give this a go a while back & while I likely didn’t put enough hours into it, found nearly everything that @teh_ninjaneer said to ring true. I think the only bit I truly enjoyed was the sentimentality connected to playing a Jedi (as a kid I always wanted to use a lightsabre).


It’s unfortunate because I would say my time playing Star Wars Galaxies was one of the best gaming experiences—certainly for an MMORPG.

I think I want to love SWTOR because I want it to be SWG. But it’s nothing like it.


Might have to give it a try