Defiance 2050 anyone?


Just wondering if anyone else grabbed Defiance 2050 since it’s release on Tuesday.
It’s definitely not perfect by any means but it’s scratching my MMO itch a bit.

Wanting to get into some of the group content if anyone else is playing it.

Link is below if you don’t know what I’m talking about or want more info.


i played a little yesterday from the beginning it still played out the same exact way defiance did so im done with it.




I have it installed. Wasn’t impressed. Didn’t seem to be the huge improvement over the original that I was hoping for. Maybe the grinding and end game is more streamlined now but I can’t see myself getting to that point. It’s a shame because I loved the original. I’m still a little confused as to why this is a separate game as opposed to a revision of the old one.


If there’s no TV show I’m out!


I’m definitely a little surprised by everyone saying that it’s like the original defiance and references to the TV show.

I had to google that.

I was not even aware of Defiance when it came out, or that there was a TV connected to it.
I’m kind of sorry I missed that.


yea great game when it first came out the new one just reminds me to much of the old one and nothing new and exciting from what i saw.


Honestly, the show wasn’t that great either.


i agree. i was all in on the concept. i loved that there was going to be an MMO alongside a sci-fi show and they were going to be releasing episodic content into the game as the show progressed. i thought that was such a brilliant idea. i only made it about 6 episodes into the show unfortunately, and quit the game around the same time. it just was missing something. i’m can’t even remember if i ever put a finger on what it was missing.


I did like “Quantum Break” which was a similar concept.
The gameplay was fun and engaging, though a bit repetitive at times.
And the show was actually decent with some good actors thrown in there.

I think their big failing was making it Xbox One exclusive.

I played it years later when they released it on PC.


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