Deft Hands, Fine Tools



Question people who are better at this game than me. I’ve found a few doors that need Deft Hands, Fine tools perk. I have put none into this category and I don’t really want to spend 4 points to get it. Is this REALLY needed or can I get a work around to earn it another way.


Nothing impressive in the doors I have found. Was mildly disappointed. I hate having locked doors xD


I’m afraid it’s going to get in the way of my Platinum trophy… :frowning:


You can get a total of 20 perk points so it isn’t actually too terrible to put them in to get the skill if you really want it.


whaaat 20?! Kitty this is great news. I am totally glad I asked now. Thank you! Have a candy cane for your troubles:


Yum <3


Ooh, I also just read something that says to complete a few of the inner circle quests you will need that skill! So yeah. Spend the points xD


So for your first run through I would definitely suggest getting it and either asap or just remember where the doors that need it are.