Del Parro Apartments



Just FYI, I was able to purchase both Del Parro Apartment 20 and Apartment 7 (or you could do 4). You have to walk up to the for sale sign in front of the building.

This may be common knowledge but I thought I remembered @Auth saying you couldn’t purchase in the same building.

It’s really convenient as I’m just moving all my super cars to Apt 20 and I have some random crazy cars in Apt 7. Just drive out and drive back in.


Is this where Strat’s tower is? Also is it possible to sell a house? I need to be part of the cool kids club.


Yes and Yes. When you go to buy a new one you can choose to replace one (you have 2 slots I believe). All your cars and stuff get moved over.


Do I get any money for the old?


Yeah you get a discount on the buy, it tells you how much.


There was a bug going on when I was initially trying to do it, I think you went to bed early or something because I had it sorted the same night I pondered the impossibility. I own 4 and 7 :wink:


Why 4 and 7? 20 is so much cooler.


7 and 20 have the same floor-plan/layout, which is different from 4 :wink:


Ah I thought it was 4 and 7 that were the same. It’s good to know I live above you though.


It’s the only time you’ll see that specific correlation between us in game; enjoy it :wink:


Too easy.


No, no; please @Auth and @Vocino keep arguing about who is on top xD