Designing a Strats logo

For a long time the Strats logo (and previously Strategy & Company) was essentially just stylized type. I felt like this branding had run its course. As we advertise, we need to establish a brand that can stand out and be recognized in video, banners, links, backgrounds, shirts, etc.

So I set out on a mission.


It’s hard to think of something that has to do with gaming that’s not just a dumb controller or something that everyone uses. As we know, something that’s part of every game on every system is the polygon. These rigid shapes make up 100% of our experience playing video games. Circles have no place here!

The “S” is very circular by nature so combining the two seemed like it might be a good fit.

Starting at a simple polygonal shape and using your standard Helvetica Neue “S” as reference, we polygonize our letter and end up with something… not so great.

Stylizing and militarizing

Starting our lives as warring Elder Scrolls savages wasn’t easy. The need to embellish our S with something a bit more stylized gave way to incorporating these serif flairs on each end.

The negative space is used to bring out these axe shapes.

Putting it together

From here we can apply some more style to the overall composition and do some great things. The goal is for the logo to stand on its own or as stylized like this.

Look for this and other updates to the Strats experience coming soon!


Love the new logo. Next wave of shirts coming soon?

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We move fast!



Love those colors! I just want to touch the logo…

Love it Vocino! Great Job!!!

I wonder if there’s a way to get this on to our flags in Karkasse…

This looks pretty fantastic!

Awesome work @Vocino It looks great!