Desk Buddies are Here


They’re here, built and standing watch: my long awaited desk companions


Were these kits you put together? The quality is nice


They were! Over a Netflix DareDevil binge.


Here’s mine :smiley:


YAY Desk Buddies!!!


They make everything so much better! And the dog and chainsaw-sledgehammer are pens, so useful too!


I mean, is anyone surprised :wink:



Ha! I have a charmander, but he’s too big to sit infront of my monitors, so he sits to my left on top of loot crates.


@PreshusKitty made the Bulbasaur; she’s eventually going to make me my favorite: Spiritomb :wink:


That pen… someone is a fellow looter! Also, I can totally see my Tinker Knight on that right screen.

@Auth your desk should be purged. I expected more fro… no… no I don’t. Props to Preshus for the skills on the Bulbasaur though. Shame on you though Auth… shame.


/)*(\ :wink:


This is going to be a long summer…


Here ya go:

@Auth Bulba is sick


3 more days and I’m on these here forums full-time

/)*(\ :wink:


D-do you think she could make more? ;-; And sell them? I’m an ice pokemon fanatic. They are so underloved (both by people and developers).


You only get a Pidgey.




There’s always love for Weavile :wink:

Because copyright she can’t sell them, though when she gets home today I’m sure she’ll weigh in on possibly making more for other folks.


Okay so let’s put it this way, if she’s bored, and feels like sending a few my way, she’ll get a nice thank you card from me. :smile:

Keep me posted on what she says. :smiley: