Destiny 2 Clan Perks and Clan Stuff

Here are some notes about clan stuff in Destiny 2 as we continue to build out the clan.

  • Clan Banner: This goes in that final gear slot and you get it from Hawthorne on The Farm. Equipping this gives you access to the clan perks that are unlocked per season.

  • A Weekly Milestone: XP earned by every member goes toward unlocking new Clan Banner Perks, and every member receives a new Milestone encouraging them to do so.

  • Clan Rewards: When our clan Strategists complete a specified endgame activity (such as a Nightfall Strike), every member of the clan receives an engram. These are picked up at Hawthorne.

  • Guided Games: Lead interested Guardians through endgame content. Success will boost’s Oathkeeper’s Score.

Things to note:

  • Unlocked Clan Banner Perks only last until the end of the season. At that point, all clans receive a new selection of Perks to unlock.

  • Before you can lead a Guided Game, you must take a Guardian’s Oath—basically, you agree to be friendly and helpful and see the activity through to the end. Failing to honor your oath lowers our Oathkeeper’s Score and temporarily bars you from leading another Guided Game. This penalty is waived if the fireteam votes to surrender, but the failure is still factored into our score.

Anyone have any other clan related items of note?


FYI, we just popped an engram, pick up your free clan engram at Hawthorne:



Crushing it.


That’s awesome! Really hope that bungie gives out more info for admins to see who’s doing what within the clan.

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Yeah I would love to recognize the achievements.