Destiny 2 coming Q3 2017

  • Destiny 2 release date: Fall / Q3 2017
  • Formats: TBA, likely PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC


come on steam release!


I dont watch their streams/update shows, but this seems like 1000% guarantee. Considering the game is basically in idle mode right now, I cannot imagine it would be allowed to slip past this year.

Curious how big of an event they will have @ E3 this year.


As much as I hope they’ve figured it out by now (only took ~1 year before the game really got to a good place last time), I am absolutely waiting until after release before making the call on buying in.

Somebody link this comment at me if I start getting too hyped :wink:


No. You should get too hyped. Hypu!

As I still fire up Destiny to roll with my clan (it was pre-Strats please don’t hate me), I’m already committed to picking up the title. In fact, I’d preorder it already if Amazon would let me.


This is not news… This has been know for more than a month…