Destiny 2 Console or PC? What say you?!?



With all the hype thats going to surround its release, is everyone staying on #ps4 or are some moving to #pc ? I am torn as i had alot of fun on console but i really am much better with a mouse/keyboard with shooters. notch your vote and then if you want make your case with a comment!!

  • PC
  • PS4
  • XBone

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I’ll probably go PC unless there’s a PSVR component to the game.


There will be. They plan on making a god of war, bang Hermes wife type scene. /s




@Vocino soon (delete if needed)


OMFG… This is one of the best answer i have read this year!!! hahahahahaa


@xploz1on I’m surprised to see you vote #ps4. What’s your reason for that?


I can’t vote twice :frowning: my stepson will probably get it for XBone and I’ll get it for PC so I’ll have it on both


Well, before the poll it was ps4, now I’m thinking pc…


I’m going PS4. I miss the people I recruited for our group. I bet a lot of them I could get to play with us again. Plus I like the voice coms better.


You should get them to post in the poll! That way we can get an accurate headcount.


I’ll likely pick it up on PS4… it’s possible I may get it for both PS4 and PC though… we’ll see lol.


PC Master Race. Might pick it up. Didn’t play the original. We’ll see.


PC, what else is there?


i fell out of destiny. has there been reveals on what makes it different from vanilla? new classes? actual clan functionality?

have they been slowly going towards the mmo route?