Destiny 2: Forsaken On-Going Review



Way back in July of 2015 I posted a short write up on Destiny. It’s been a while.

Now in 2018 and after almost a year with Destiny 2, we have finally received the biggest expansion of the game. While Destiny 2 has had a bumpy run it has maintained a reasonable fan base that have hoped that Bungie would give them what they wanted if they waited long enough – and looks like that worked.

The Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion brings a wide variety of changes to the game including story missions, strikes, and a new Gambit mode but does it do enough to satisfy fans? It doesn’t reinvent the game from the ground up but it does make enough changes that make it worth another try.

Gripping New Story

The story is by far the biggest and most well-received change that the Forsaken expansion brings to Destiny 2. Players since the start of Destiny 2 have thought that the story was both shallow and generic but with Forsaken it looks like Bungie is out to change that for good.

Forsaken provides more lore, a compelling storyline and even gives us a better look at the personalities of the characters involved along with more clues to exactly what the Darkness is. The best way to describe the story is as a Western-style revenge story in a visually stunning asteroid belt surrounded by convicts that are waiting to put a bullet in your head which results in a very entertaining story campaign.

New Mechanics & Content

As expected, the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion brings a wide variety of new weapons, some old ones and new armor along with an updated weapon slot system which are something players have wanted since the games launch. Now you can finally add heavy hitting weapons like shotguns, sniper rifles and even Bows to the first and second weapon slots which is definitely going to make combat a whole lot more fun.

As one would expect, Bungie has also released new Strikes but hasn’t done enough to change them up. The strikes still follow the same pattern of beating some mid-tier enemies, getting to the end and taking down the boss to end the raid which is the way things have been since the start so you shouldn’t go in expecting a lot.

A Brand New Game Mode

What really makes getting the Forsaken expansion is the addition of the new Gambit game mode which feels just right for a game like Destiny. The Gambit mode offers a blend of PVP and PVE in which two steams in separate maps try to collect and bank a set number of emotes before the opposing team.

Players can even invade each other’s maps under the right conditions to screw around and raise more mayhem. Overall, Gambit mode is definitely one of the highlights of the forsaken expansion that definitely lives up to the hype.

Should Strategists Give It A Shot?

The darker, more personal tone of the story coupled with changes to the weapon slots and the new Gambit mode definitely makes getting the Forsaken expansion worth it if you’re a fan of the series. While it doesn’t manage to blow my expectations away, it does manage to breathe new life into the game.