Destiny 2: Gambit Free Day

Tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 1st.
Gambit will be free to try for anyone who owns Destiny 2, the Forsaken expansion is not required to play it on this one day only.

The game mode is a Hybrid PvE/PvP mode and looks really cool.
Check the trailer below.


Just played my first game and it’s pretty sweet. Gotta get the hang of it, but won my first game

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Yeah, there is a real delicate balance to it. I got 13 Guardian kills and 54% Primeval healed and we still lost that game because our DPS just wasn’t there on our own primeval.

Only managed to play a handful of games in total, but I loved the game mode, and am excited to get playing it more. I can definitely see that communication will be extremely important though. Gotta coordinate builds, and ideally dictate who’s gathering motes, who’s invading, etc.

Yes, big time. So many times the Randys I was grouped with would invade even though the enemy team wasn’t holding any motes.

I’ll admit I probably did that, but it was more just “oh hey, look the portals open” and I wanted over there before a teammate did. Of course that’d all change once you’re working with a team and can coordinate it, and not worry about trying to be the one to get over there.

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So here’s a question - what’s the best blocker? My thought is that a stack of large blockers made the most sense & to accomplish that, having a one or two mote collectors get the quick 15 stack.

I think it’s going to be a mixture between medium and big. You want a blocker up often, but don’t want to spend to much time gathering the full 15 stacks. You’re right that you ideally don’t want all 4 people gathering the motes so that others can hit that 10 and 15 stack easier.

So the method I have adopted is to try for the Large Blocker (15 motes) but I also try to bank motes after every wave. The only caveat to this is if I’m just one or 2 motes from a blocker other than small, I will wait. But the biggest advantage is to summon primeval first because of the stacking buff.

It also helps to bank after every wave so as not to be a juicy target for invaders.