Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal Trailer



There’s a fair bit of cut scene and such in it too, but there’s definitely gameplay as well :wink:


I’m stoked for this. Looks like what Destiny should have been from the beginning. I honestly think it’s a good thing they’re coming out with a 2nd one instead of continuing to try and make the first better (which they did a bit). I feel some other companies should take a page out of their book if this is successful which I think it will be. (stares at WoW)


Im confused as to what was game play and what was just CGi…that was totally awesome and totally not all at the same time. It looks like its gonna be a great game and with Blizzard supporting it its gonna go through the roof. Im just not sure what to think just yet.


I am so hyped for this. I just need to figure out PS4 or PC, and if cross-save is supported well, I’m confident I’ll get both.


“Gameplay” trailer. Bungie is a little loose with that term.



I wish there would have been more game play, but wow. It looks sicks. I would love some new Ults.


Considering pc version is via, I doubt it is likely going to be a thing


You guys did catch that the PC release will be some time after the console release on Sept 8, right?


Yup, still going to pick it up on PC.



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More info about PC version keeps revealing itself. And it’s not good in my opinion.

The game will be peer-to-peer on PC. only handles out-of-game functions, such as install, transactions and logging in. Blizzard will not be providing anti-cheat.

I am not optimistic about the PC version right now.

Edit - It feels like Activision is pushing for a PC release just to make more money.


Where did you hear this? I did read bungie is gaining access to blizz servers, but blizz isn’t maintaining them for them


i heard the same as @teh_ninjaneer and i’m equally concerned. non dedicated servers is a big problem.


Reference article


Gameplay videos
PvE strike (maybe spoliery)


Class Skills
Decent breakdowns. Interesting choice of change to the subclasses

Tons more out there. Game is looking promising. Changes aren’t extreme, but appear to be organic. Still sticking to PS4, but keeping close eye on PC version.


That’s disappointing. Laggers always worst part of pvp and getting booted during pve.


I read that dedicated servers was a no go in general. It sounds like you’re saying they are for console and no for PC?


No, the current Destiny game is p2p also. That’s how “pulling the plug” to cheese the Crota fight worked.


I know that Destiny is all P2P, I was just saying that I thought that Destiny 2 was P2P in its entirety. Which includes not just PC, but XB1 and PS4.


Looks interesting. I didn’t play Destiny 1, but I’ll keep an eye on it leading up to the launch. If PC doesn’t look promising, I’ll just skip it in general.