Destiny 2 - Megathread & Hype



But we fought valiantly! :cry:


I’m definitely looking at getting Destiny 2 and playing with @Dynamible and you guys again. Pretty sure I’m gonna stick with having it on PS4 as well though… (Also I’m back from the grave… aka Japan)


I knew I could convince your ass to storm gates a second time. I didn’t even have to ask. <3


You know it man!! I’ve been watching how destiny is now, it looks good but figured there’s no way I’m gonna jump back into it now I’ll just wait till D2 comes out, I think it’ll be good!


Already preordered the Deluxe edition of D2 :kissing_heart: Btw, do we have a thread of PSN’s for Destiny co-op?


I would imagine you’re asking about this:


Yep, my brain derped for a couple of minutes. I totally forgot I even put my PSN on there. :joy:

Strats - 1, Ran - 0


I am so excited for this! I have an XB1 but hopefully will have a ps4 by then for Destiny 2. :slight_smile:


Who are you? You new around here?? :joy::joy::joy:


Not even I say such things… But really who is that person?


Ya better!!! nobodies gonna be on XB1 Kappa


Starting to sound like not a lot of folks will be on :pc: either.


That’s surprising given all the hate for it not releasing on PC originally.


Besides PvP is going to suck on PC (Aimbot and so on)


I mean, people have been hacking consoles since last generation, so it’s not impossible for console players to cheat either (albeit less likely); combine that with 3rd party devices allowing players to have keyboard/mouse hooked up vs the majority of players on just controllers, I’ll take my chances with the aimbots :wink:


I used to think this way. But the amount of people I feel who use aimbots on PC shooters (Overwatch, DOOM, Battlefield, Battlefront, Titanfall) is very low. As in, I’m not sure if I have played with anyone who did exceptionally well to make me consider they are using an aimbot.


Only recent game that I experienced with blatant hacking was the Division…and they straight up had 0 security for god only knows how long.

I’ll be buying this on PC without a doubt with or without a strats presence. I loved the Halo series and if they can bring that to PC I will be more than happy.


Only way I’d play for any real period would be on PC.


Same, I’ll be very sad if @Dynamible takes half the folks to PS4.


Actually it’s more like us PC players taking some of his PS4 players (like me ;)).