[Destiny 2: PC] LF Regular group

I know our Destiny 2 population is not that high anymore, but I’m just looking for at least 2 more people who would be interested in grouping up once a week to do some group content. Whether it be Nightfall, Blind Well, Gambit, or perhaps even the raid.

If people are interested, I’d be happy to help with Forsaken story progression, or gearing up.
Ideally I’d like to have a group for every Thursday around 8pm (central), but I’m open to changing that if people are interested.

Hit me up.

What time(s) would it be? If I can make it, I’m down. Maybe a something in #events that people can RSVP to?

I’m thinking around 8pm on Thursdays but a different day, or an hour or so earlier/later would probably work for me too.

I signed in to Destiny just now, went to the Tower, had no idea what to do.

well, did you pick up forsaken?
If not, it will kind of be business as usual.
Jump into crucible, strike playlist, or just go to a planet and hit up some public events/lost sectors.

If you do have forsaken, then you should see a quest to go to the Reef in the lower right of your map. That will get you started with the new expansion.

I should be on around your time tonight if you’ll be gaming. I can help you get your destiny legs back.

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I think I might own this game. Maybe I’ll come check it out.

I’d love to join ya when my gaming time gets a bit more regular. For now I’m stuck playing late night with west coast people (late even for them, lol).

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I don’t but I’m open to getting it if it’s fun.

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