Destiny Alliance



Hello all! Our Destiny clan as been messaged by a larger alliance. They would like us to join them. Although I have not had time to look into it heavily I think it could be beneficial to us. I would like to know everyone’s opinion of doing this so we can make a decision together.

Here is the message. Sorry I didn’t include it originally.
Hello there. I recently just saw your fireteam add on Reddit and I do find your goal as a clan commendable. Seeing that we are quite similar in our goals I would like to extend an invitation to an alliance called “Kurultai of Guardians.” This alliance has no actual leader and any alliance altering decision will be taken to a majority vote of the participating clan leaders. Its goals is to strengthen clans individually, organize clan to clan interactions, and to share news pertaining to Destiny. This also gives your members access to a larger clan experience through meeting people from different clans without placing pressure upon the individual clans to grow to the max clanmate capacity. If interested of have any questions please message me back.


Do you have any intel on who this clan is?


I guess it depends on what an “alliance” entails. are we talking about in game mechanics coming into play (I don’t know whether or not Destiny has support for alliances between clans in game) or more of a social alliance?

Beyond that, I think we need to ensure we’re weighing any potential benefits against the character of the individuals involved. While I’m all about playing more games with more people, that’s only appealing to me if they’re the kind of people we (StratsCO) are trying to be around.

DAMN YOU @tommy2118 I WAS HERE FIRST! :wink:


The game does have an alliance feature. Although I have not looked into its benefits.


I’m courious to know if this alliance has any infastructure and what other clans have joined.


I am limited to my phone right because I’m at work. I’m assuming they are going over all the /r/fireteams posts and inviting everyone.


I don’t really see any huge issues with it. However, I don’t really see many benefits either. Maybe we should be the ones to create an alliance. I’m assuming we have a better infrastructure.

At any rate, I would say invite them to come by the forum and say hello.


I used to play cod2 in an alliance its awesome for clan wars and competitions.


I will take a look at creating it tonight if I get a chance and begin. You make a good point though, they probably don’t have the assets we have.


I looked into creating it as I thought it might be better for me to lead the alliance but it appears it’s exactly the same as a clan. The functionality exists to ally with other clans and so people are creating clans that they’re labeling “Alliance” but aren’t much more than a clan with a lot of alliances.

Let me know if you find anything different in your research.


Yeah I don’t see much out there about it. It appears they are just large groups made up of clans. Do you think we should pursue one or create?


None of the clans in the alliance look familiar. Alliances are a nice feature but I think alliance choice should be just as careful of a decision as clan choice.


Agreed. For instance if we could get in the reddit alliance or something that might be beneficial. But, a group of random small clans seems neutral.


Is there any rush in doing this before the game comes out? Might be best to wait and see what you want to do after the game launches.


The only rush would be for getting people recruited before the launch. But since clans aren’t as important in Destiny except for competitive pvp and endgame pve there really isnt a huge rush.


I couldn’t find much info on the benefits of being in an alliance. I think, like some suggested, we should wait a few weeks after launch to decide.