Destiny Beta Codes PS4



I have Destiny Beta codes to give out. Post here if you’re interested in joining the Strats guild and fireteams in Destiny.

These are only for PS4 and I’ll have them July 17th. Active Strats members get first crack at them, of course. If you preordered and you have codes to give away, please post here (or make a new thread if you’re playing on Xbox One).


Before you go and ask for a key, keep in mind these aren’t the promo keys. These are my personal keys and those from our members. If you landed here from a google search or something, make sure you Read This first and post an Introduction or you have zero chance of getting one.


i would like a code please.


As a preorderer, how do I go about getting said codes assuming I snagged it from a store? Please don’t tell me I needed to keep track of that receipt, I have definately moved since the purchase :worry:


I’m not exactly sure. You redeem them at so maybe there’s some info there.


i would love a code!


On the receipt from the store you purchased it from should have been a code that you would go on the website and enter. Tomorrow, the beta PSN code would have been sent to you. If you didn’t do it at that time then you won’t receive a beta PSN code.


Yeah mine was on my receipt. I thought i lost my receipt and asked the store i got it from if there was a way to get it reprinted but they were not sure. Luckily i found my receipt. Could try going back to the store and seeing if they could help or maybe have extra beta keys.


Also note, I’m giving a bunch of keys away on Twitter:


–Right then, looks like my receipt is MIA; anyone have a beta key they don’t mind parting with?–

edit: NM, friend of mine hooked me up :wink:

edit 2: did strike-through using – stop working all of the sudden?


i just preordered…will i be getting beta codes this late? if not does anyone have an extra for me?

thank you

EDIT. Never mind …by the time I get my console the beta will be over.


SLOWEST d/l and install ever…not a good first impression Sony.


Dude, just throw your PS4 out. FUCKIT. SONY SUCKS!@(&#!(@$&!


Does Sony suck, or does your internet suck? Or does the routing from Sony to your house suck? Or is everyone playing/downloading the game since beta ends soon? Or are they intentionally throttling download speed because its a peak time like Steam does?

Or are you just being a cranky old man? :wink:


My guess is he’s using OpenDNS or Google DNS or some other regional DNS service and Sony’s CDN thinks he’s in northern California. Every time someone complains about buffering netflix, slow App Store downloads, slow Steam downloads, or something along those lines it ends up being that it seems.


Have 30g dl speed from comcast. Using Comcast DNS. And yeah…grumpy impatient old man… LOL