[Destiny] Black spindle help


So we can get the black spindle today again, from what reddit tells me so I want to take a Crack at it. I’ll be off and on after 6:30 central if people want to do it. I’ll have fyrefly on with me so looking for one more person.

Also we would like to do the nightfall after if someone wants to help there that would be awesome.


Guess I’m in… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m down! I have a good feeling about it this time. I’ll be on hopefully in the 7pm hour, ET


Sweet I’ll try to get on around 7-730. I’ll have to go for dinner for a bit at 830 eastern so on a small time crunch but I’ll be on after that for the rest of the night


There will be lots of Spindle/Nightfall action going on tonight. I would encourage people that have it to help others that don’t, if possible.


I figured as much just wanted to get ahead of the game and get a group set before @Fyrefly21 and I go two manning it lol.


… You mean before you get stuck trying to sherpa me through it on your own :stuck_out_tongue:


It eludes us again. At least the Nightfall gave me The Last Word? =/


I managed to get two last night. A couple buddies and I tore through it without wipes. The biggest issue is you need 1 person DPSing the boss, and the other two need to clear the blights ASAP. Kill the blights, focus on any majors (captains, etc.) and kill those psions quickly (stormcaller!) We had moments where it was just the boss and the 3 of us could just unload on the boss without issue until another blight spawned.

I think most teams try to burn the boss down, but unless you can kill him in the first 20 seconds, you’re not going to be able to. By that time you have 2->4 blights open, and a crap load of psions to deal with and you easily get overwhelmed.


Our biggest issue is time management. The spider tank room was just murder on us. We never hit the last room with more than 5 minutes. I tried to DPS the boss and the other two do adds, but we just ran out of time. C’est la vie, there will be next time.


Ya, that room can be a bit of a pain. The biggest thing is you need to take care of the witches first. They have void shields and spawn the shadow thralls repeatedly. Take those out first. After that, take care of the snipers along the top balcony. They’re majors so they take a bit of damage, and will cast their little bubble dome often, so it’s a royal pain to take them out. It’s best to send someone with a sword or shotgun up there to run through them, just take care of the opposite platform as you’ll get picked apart by the snipers.

With the witches and snipers down, the rest of the room should be a cake walk.