Destiny Characters Will Reset In Destiny 2, Bungie Confirms


Did anyone think characters wouldn’t reset? Of course they would. Am I crazy?


Can’t say this surprises me, though what does is the fact they announced this before releasing their last live content push in Destiny 1.


That’s a good point. Kinda takes the wind out of the progression sails.


While your character’s gear and skills won’t transfer, it was stated that there would be some reward for everything you achieved in the original Destiny.

I don’t think this diminishes progression at all. Those completionists and trophy hunters will still be willing to complete this final bit of content.


That’s good news. I’m hoping they do something similar in Star Wars Battlefront.


They did something like this with Guild Wars 2 via the Hall of Monuments, and the rewards were totally worth it; hopefully Bungie makes these rewards worthwhile as well.


While this is true, I still question the timing of the announcement with this new content push about to arrive. With the number of fair weather players out there, they may have returned for the new content, yet now question if it’s all worthwhile.

As for the reward, I’m going to roll the dice and say it’s cosmetic in nature - guessing it will be this years Moments of Triumph which in turn carry over to D2.


I’m not surprised. I want a a new game and not something that just feels like an extention of th last one. Are people really butt hurt about this?


There are a good number of people who are.


As is tradition: people on the Internet getting their Genesis 19:26 on.


There’s no such thing as something people on the internet are not butt hurt about.



I’m butt hurt that you said there is no such thing as something people on the internet are not butt hurt about.

lol @lyteforce that was an amazing gif