Destiny Clan communication in-game

I’m wondering how most people in Destiny are communicating? I started Strats with Destiny and unfortunately Destiny’s/PS4’s group communication stinks imo. I don’t normally see a Strats Party chat and even if there was, the max is only 8 members I believe.

Should I be getting mumble for my iphone so can be on that and in-game at the same time?

I’ve had people try adding me to a fire team while I’m in a strike and its hard to type a message letting them know what’s going on.

Anyway, it would be nice to have a convenient way to communicate and not just blindly request to join fire teams. So I’d appreciate some suggestions.


I usually jump in a Strats member’s party chat. We could probably do a better job of labeling them as such. Most people just use the default name.

It’s true, most of us name our channel something silly or leave it default. I tend to just start jumping into channels until I find people doing something I want to do or who want to splinter and do something else half the time and the other half I just kick off a channel of my own and wait for invites or others to join.

Even if you’re not in a general chat, just send someone an invite with a message saying what you want to do even if that’s just you wanting someone to shoot the shit with. I met most of the people I know from them just hopping into my fireteam and saying what’s up!

Thanks for the input. It looks like I’ll be jumping into folks party chats or making one of my own for strats if no one else has started one yet.

Something about this should maybe be added into the Destiny Clan post otherwise I’d think others might feel a little on the outside as well.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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That’s a good point. I’ll add something tonight!