Destiny Clan



The Destiny clan is up. The clan is open with Admin acceptance. Anyone who would like to be an admin let me know. You can find the link here —> .
Join today!


Is the information editable? I kind of hate the tag of “Stra” =/


I’m assuming it didn’t let you make the name “Strategy & Co.” with a tag of STRATS?


I can absolutely change it. I only allows four characters though. I couldn’t think of anything. What would you like it to be?


Cool, I’d go with STCO if that’s available. If not I’ll have to think on it a bit. If it accepts special characters, the proper name should be Strategy & Co.


Ok, I changed it to STCO. The name will not let me put in a “&”. Should I make it Strategy and Co.?


I believe “” is next but I doubt it will allow a . if it doesn’t allow & (referencing this vote thread). I would probably just go with “Strats Co” if nothing else.


Unfortunately it would only allow Strats Co, it seems ridiculous that you can’t use a simple period.


Yeah no worries. Looks good.


Thanks. I just wanted to get it up. I figured we might get some new members looking for clans after the Beta finishes.


Yeah we need 4 members in order to get benefits in game I think.


I believe that just lets people see the clan in game.


Ah, ok.


Count me as three.


To finish the joining process, you have to set the clan. This can be found under the name on the clan page, just click “set as “game system” clan”.


Got it! Thanks.


I’ll make it 4. Someone needs to tell me how to join the clan as I am new to the ps4 and destiny.


Click this link and sign in with you PS4 account. Then request access etc.


Doh…thanks tommy :slight_smile:


cannot find this part