Destiny Digital Guardian Edition



The Destiny Digital Guardian Edition gets you all the preorder stuff plus an expansion pass:


For note, this is cheaper than getting the expansion pass separate form the base game by ~$5. I went to Gamestop the other day and switched my preorder as a result.


That’s the one I got pre ordered on the ps store.


I’m just wondering how many of you plan to play this, and if it would be worth me buying a PS4 to play it in your opinions.


It’s worth buying a PS4 regardless but to answer your question, I think Destiny will be pretty active here.


Yeah, there are a bunch of us signed up on the Bungie clan to play on PS4


I can’t wait till Destiny is released. I love my PS4 and if you’re interested in console gaming, I think you’d be pleased with the purchase.

As for this edition; this is what I’ve pre-ordered on PSN.


Well, I just went all in!

Pre-ordered the Destiny PS4 Bundle.




It’s all white, your wallet will forgive you for making the awesome decision :wink:


I went to Gamestop yesterday and guy told me the Destiny bundle is no longer available despite the displays being all over the store. His explanation was they are required to keep them up. He then goes on to say he will have 2 available for sale at midnight launch (can’t reserve) but I would have to be there at 12:01 because he expects them to go quickly.

What really tore me up was the $75 credit I would have gotten for trading in my PS3.

That guy is now on my d-bag list.


They are worth nothing now. It’s crazy.


First mistake.


I liked the idea of making a few bucks off my 5+ year old PS3!


“A few bucks” is generous in Gamestop terms. Sell it on ebay or amazon and you’ll get more for it with just a little more work.


I went Digital mostly because I won’t have to worry about inserting a disc often and I know I’ll be playing this game for a long long time. Plus I already have alot of other Collectors Edition’s stuff, and do I really need more stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here. Went digital for convenience.


Same. But now I can’t play till three I’m the morning.


Think of it this way at least you can wake up Tuesday refreshed and ready to go…and besides…something tells me that they might allow Digitial to go a bit early, that’s just a hunch though.


I preordered at ebgames. What am i missing out on by doing that? I didn’t want to go digital because im worried about running out of room on my ps4.