Destiny Digital Pre Order - Downloading now 1:30PM EST



I bought the digital version of Destiny. I’m pre-downloading now.
It’s downloading the game, the update, and the vanguard armory.

See you all soon!

Mods sorry if there’s a better place to put this
I’m new


Great post, thanks for the head up! Might I ask if this is the Digital Guardian Edition, or another edition?


Yes its the digital guardian version. :slight_smile: The game and update installed no problem, the Vanguard Armory, I’m getting an error message, I hope it works itself out.


It’s about Destiny and it’s in the Destiny category. I think you did OK. :wink:


It’s probably not available yet, you probably just need to wait until release for that one, and it’ll download fine then


Some screen shots b/c I’m geeking out.


Level 5 parents control… What is gods name?


My parental controls are set to (wait for it)…Over 9000!


I didn’t set parental controls… Does that mean I loss :frowning:


And here I bought the PS4 bundle, so I have to wait until about 3 PM release day for the delivery then I have to set up my PS4 in its proper spot then I have put all my information and settings in then I have to download PS4 updates THEN I have to install the game and then I can finally play lol.


I will have like a day of updates… Dear lord, ever time I turn the damn thing on.


Worth it.


For that sexy white PS4? Hell yeah it is.


It did not do a lot for me. Looks like what you would get if you recycled R2D2.


I am so jelly though.


Hah, I think it looks pretty cool.


Personally I think the white and blue is a much better color contrast than black and blue, and who wouldn’t want a recycled R2D2? Plus I think the thing I like most is not a whole lot of people are gonna own one so I get to feel like a special snowflake.


I’m not trashing on it really. I’m just not a fan of white (everything else on my entertainment center is black). BTW don’t let @Vocino fool you, his PS4 IS more then likley the recycled remains of R2D2. He is connected like that.


I would rather have this one:


I didn’t think you were trashing it. i’m just quick to start talking about my soon to be baby ha. I also picked up the matching Sony Gold Headset. Been looking for a good pair for destiny and those seemed to be the best at a reasonable price. I mean wireless, 8 hours of battery life, custom settings app and it matches everything else for 100$? Sign me up!