Destiny Event Clan Plans



I would like to get as many people who are playing Destiny in Strats to try and join me in my stream on Tuesday nights 9-9:30ish to whenever we get tired(EST), this would happen everyweek(Unless I really can’t make it). I want to try and just do everything and anything we want to do on stream with all/any members. And if you don’t play or can’t play you can still help support us in our conquest by joining us in chat on twitch or host us. My goal is to try and get more active, helpful members that play. Please let me know if you are interested. And if you don’t have me on PSN you can add me and let me know your from strats PSN=blinkbrac.


count me in!
expect a friend request from = CouzinTony

i might be on later than 9 because it would be 6 pm where I’m at.


I’m game for this! Thanks for ramping up the hype train. I know I’m stoked to get some more loot from prison of elders.


Add up Aicxe, let’s go get that Queenbreaker’s Bow!


Cool. I sent requests to you guys. I’ll be on a little tonight around 8EST. If anyone wants to get on and do some destiny and talk what we can do tomorrow. I personally want to do PoE and the nightfalls.


Count me in! I’d like to do more PoE, but I’m not having much luck getting keys.


I gotta get a keys… But I’m down to do what ever! I’d prefer to do the nightfall first to get that bonus xp.


thats cool. i we do the level 32 PoE we will still get something dropped for completing the arena as well.


I’ve picked up a couple keys. Ran the 28 PoE, but need to still do the 32. Will be on later tonight if anyone’s interested.


Tonight the night! hope to see you guys there. whether your in game or in chat, all the support is much appreciated. I’ll be on around 9 and we can get together and make a plan or what to do tonight. :smiley:


I have hockey @ 9pm EST, but will be online around 11pm.


32 PoE is Urrox’s Grudge (ft. Urrox)
34 PoE is The Forever Eater (ft. Qodron)

Variks sells a full STR chest piece and a Shank Burn fusion rifle.

Nightfall is Lightswitch, Brawler, Angry Sepiks Prime
Heroic is Specialist Taniks


Thanks for the info! @aicxe We should be able to run through the nightfalls pretty easy, the 34 PoE should be interesting. Anyone up for it tonight after the nightfalls?


I really need to do better on Trials… I didn’t have time to practice last week, so hopefully I can get more time in this week.


That unfortunately is out of my Jurisdiction. I am not good at PvP but we have plenty of people who want to do Trials and have gotten 9-0 to go to the lighthouse. I can try and help though. ^^;;


I’m game for this tonight. Hope to be home by 10pm est. I’m out on the west coast so these things are always so early for me :frowning:


we got plenty of west-coasters, dont worry! My work schedule is too wonky for me to have a dedicated Destiny day, but we are out there.

@blinkbrac right now, 9-0 seems like a pipe dream to me…my first goal is to 34. Who on Strats has gotten 9-0???


I’m willing to help with trials. I would call myself a decent / pvper, granted I don’t play it often. I never got to try trials this past weekend, but maybe this coming weekend?


I went 9-0 yesterday with my friends using no boons the last game was 4-4 and we won only because I had warlock res. And they didn’t respect it so I stuck all 3 of them with nades from behind. Also cleared 35 Poe 3 times now most recent run clocking in at an hour and 15 mins total. Would totally be down to help people out for whatever.


Almost forgot if you want to watch, the link is (surprise right?) lol