Destiny Expansion E3 Announcement


Coolest thing in the trailer is the addition of a new sub class for each character.


The flaming titan made me happy that I chose that class. I just don’t think I would be happy with a Sith warlock.


I’m pretty pumped for this expansion. Looks great!


Keep your tiny, Thor-wannabe hammer, @teh_ninjaneer, I’ll keep my lightning hands :wink:


Sithbro all the way. I’ll still totes use the flame hammer, but I don’t see anything tearing away the “main” status from my warlock.


Sithbro it is.


this is awesome…might just pick it back up and play some! im still stuck at 29 though :frowning: if anyone wants to help an old retired guardian get some gear for light levels lemme know…thanks!!!


@auth was at 29 too. He got to 32 in like three minutes. The new system is meant to get you up to a competitive level quickly, so you can enjoy the new content. This is probably the easiest it has ever been to get to max level as well.


I want to try them all! I guess I have plenty of time to create some alts & get them maxed.


Ya, this is the first time I’ve been at the current max level. Vanilla Destiny, I was forever 29, TDB, I was forever 31, now I have 2 characters @ 34 with 5 etheric light left over. Will have more after this week. I want to get a third character (hunter) and I should be able to get them boosted to 34 pretty quickly.


That void bow though! :smiley: Eyegasm!!!


Sithbros float while their super is activated too.