Destiny Fan Creation

Freaking Hilarious!!! 8/10
edit took 2 points off b/c I have gay friends and a couple of them would take offense, still funny though!

Other than the gay accent and the calling each other gay, this is pretty much my Destiny experience. This video totally captures an important aspect of the Destiny social ‘meta game’ so on point!

Probably spend 1/8 of the time checking each others gear out. Another 1/8 of the time asking someone to check me out or someone asking me to check them out. Love that inspect button :stuck_out_tongue:

The production of the video reminds me of one of my favorite series the old BF3Friends!

Omg master chief coming in was amazing. Bungie abandoned him!

Pretty good. I also have gay friends but I’m pretty sure they’d still be laughing at this. it’s almost off colour but then it takes an almost South Park turn at the end which had me laughing again. I hope they do more.

@“The Gay portion”:

I really feel as though we have gotten too sensitive with some buzz words in parody (and society for that matter).

IMHO the “Gay” bit was in relation to a couple things. Console users are stereotyped for being vulgar kids that frequent the use of slang and homophobic remarks. Male fashion is dominated by a very metro-sexual (is this word even in use anymore?) crowd, hence why the “main” characters were offended when they were stereotyped.

They then combined those two aspects with what destiny already (I assume) has become. People checking out their characters (as per ANY game with flavor armor) and random PUGs (Pick up groups, @tommy2118 did I do this right?) being pugs.

I laughed pretty hard when I saw the video because of the over-the-top characters, the half dead guy and master chief did me in though.