Destiny: Flawless Raider



So myself and a few others i think have yet to get the flawless raider trophy for Destiny. Is there anyone who could do it maybe Monday or Tuesday night? Leave a comment on this thread if you are interested and what time your available. Also suggestions on which raid is easiest to do for flawless.


Is that not dying or the one with everyone being in the same clan?


not dying. also @Vocino when are we gonna see you in our Destiny universe?


Dude, I want to raid. I need to put in the time to get to the level needed.


I believe PoE counts and with 300+ toons, shouldn’t be too hard. But if You wanted a 6 man, Crota would likely be mechanically the easier of the three.


I’d be down to try for it. Tuesday would probably be better for me.


I need Flawless Raider too. Monday or Tuesday works for me. @Smasher225 could only be on after 9EST tonight (Monday), not sure about his availability for Tuesday.


I’d like to try for this. Tues is better for me, cause I hope to finish Oryx HM tonight