Destiny Halloween Event!



Apparently Destiny is having a Halloween event wherein you can get cosmetic masks and such. Also, three new emotes, including the Thriller dance. I have thrown money at the screen!


I swore I’d never pay real money for cosmetic items. But the Thriller dance! Shitttt… I’m thinking about it


Oh, I’m definitely getting the Thriller dance. It seems like it’s the whole routine, too, so it’s totally worth it, right? I’m so glad I started playing this game.


Oh god, this is going to be a new thing. Ef this shit. First it was dlc now it’s monthly things to purchase. I refuse to buy.


Then don’t. That’s what great about them. It’s not manditory for the game.


It’s the same way Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 maintain their buy-to-play model while simultaneously covering their server costs; the beauty of it is it doesn’t cost you anything you don’t want to pay to enjoy the actual game and it’s not giving those that do pay the ever-feared/-hated pay-to-win :wink:


I’m all over the offtopic today.

Personally, I prefer the free/buy-to-play with microtransactions over a monthly sub fee (which usually includes an additional cost for DLC/xpacs). I’m about 8% Achiever on the Bartle test so I very rarely buy extra skins and such.

MOBA developers hate my kind.


I meant with console games. Activision set the standard with CoD and purchasing DLC, looks like they are now introducing micro transactions directly into the game now. I know other games have similar stuff, but I believe it isn’t directly within the game. Idk, this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I understand its all cosmetics, but only the people who are willing to pay(or can pay) will look cool leaving the other less fortunate with jack diddly. Activision is a disgraceful company and I will take every moment I can to say so. lol They turn companys like bungie from caring about the players to caring about money. Again, I know destiny changed alot based on user input, mainly reddit, but think about the vanilla story. I feel like every week we read about something that bungie or acitivision did that changed destiny negatively.


It’s a first-person shooter, why are you concerned about looking cool? :laughing:


lol very true. but that is now how games are these days, customization. shit, there is a reddit dedicated to destiny outfits. lol.


Aaaaand there goes my 10 bucks. I closed the game before I get the urge to throw another 20 dollars to legendarify all the 16 masks in the game (17, counting the store-exclusive skull).

If Bungie sets up a mask kiosk I would have to eat air for the rest of the month.


The only ones i have left that i want are flaming skull and Crota. Really wanted Skolas, and nabbed it from the quest.


I only see this a good news for the general player base. I don’t know about console DLC but I know in mobile apps something like 10% of your users account for 90% of in-app purchase dollars or something crazy.

So in this way, Bungie can give us House of Wolves type updates for free using the funds from these hardcore players paying for cosmetics.


I believe that’s their plan. They’re releasing cosmetic micro-transactions, which will allow the users to purchase various emotes and such in lieu of paying for DLC. This ensures that users get up to date content, and won’t be “left behind” and they only have to pay if they wish to cosmetically customize their character further.

This is ultimately a similar kind of path that Path of Exile took and it’s imo a great system.