Destiny Hard Mode Warpriest Challenge 9:30 EST



Looks like this challenge is up right now. Starting tonight at 8:30 cst, I want to get a group together to tackle it. Sign up is first come first served, and there’s a separate PSN thread as well (to get the most people), so spots will be by time stamp.

  1. @ohnokenzilla
  3. @BarryBillericay
  4. @Smasher225
  5. @Fyrefly21
  6. @WantedDOA85


Eh… I thought that was 8:30 CST / 9:30 EST?


Fixed, sorry. I want to give people a chance to get on and maybe do nightfalls. So yes, 8:30 CST 9:30 EST.


Nightfalls? Why? Need motes of light? Bleh.


You do what you want.


If there’s more interest:


  1. @blinkbrac
  2. @spredhed


I still don’t have wifi which sucks ass…I miss you guys and want to shoot things so bad. They are supposed to be having the IT guy come out today to fix it but I’m not getting my hopes up. If it is fixed today by some act of God I’ll be on. Good luck.


I want to but looks like there won’t be enough for another group. It’s hard to respond to these threads when I can’t look at forums till 3 pm. :frowning: I might LFG it.


How does this work? Do you just do the raid normally and challenge mode is automatically activated when you reach Warpriest?

Or is there a totally separate instance of just the Warpriest challenge mode outside the raid?


Yeah you do the raid and meet the requirements for the challenge and you get a chest after you kill the warpriest. The requirements for warpriest is to not have the same person hold the brand that let’s you dps the boss. So as long as the carrier doesn’t die either time you do it, assuming two runs since we have done it in two before, shouldn’t be hard.

@blinkbrac sorry it filled up so fast, I woke up and there was a psn message to the people who seam like they raid more often than not. I’ll put you in touch with a guy who should be down for raiding providing he’s free and next time I’ll make sure you’re included in the next psn group message if you weren’t included on this latest one.


The main reason I don’t raid anymore is because everyone has a group set up before I get there or I can’t make it the nights that are planned. I’m not blaming people. But I do get lonely over here. :frowning: lol


@blinkbrac I will be in your group


@spredhed I want to run it too but I can’t commit tonight. I was thinking tomorrow at 9pm EST? This makes 3 of us.


I’ll get a group together with you sometime this week ot next week just let me know when you’re available and I’ll get a team together


@JohnOnTheRocks / @spredhed we’ve got a group(ish) together for tonight, launching at 19:30EST tonight.

I was going to do it on my Titan just to do it /be a 6th body, but I don’t like my titan as much as my Hunter anyways so if one of you would like to get in on the action you’re welcome to! I’d much rather play with my rabbit while Smasher comes over to game because then I don’t have to pack my console and truck to his place haha. PLUS @spredhed, if you’re on and I’m not you don’t have to worry about anyone’s toons mooning you!

@Droul any updates on the internet situation? :frowning:


So, I’m LL 304 or so, and apparently as long as you’re 300+ you’re solid for HM up until Oryx, so that said, I’d love to try the warpriest HM raid this week sometime. See if I can myself some epic loots.


True and not, after the warpriest, golgoroth and the daughters are 310 so it does get harder if you’re under 310 but you can make up with it if youre mid 300’s.

This is the last day for the warpriest challenge as tomorrow it rolls over to golgoroth. We don’t know what the gplogoth challenge will bring in terms of gear just yet though.


Oh damn, I heard that Golgoroth was releasing this week, but figured both challenge modes would be available. Either way, I’m eager to try anything out. I’ve only completed NM once, (attempted twice), and never even touched HM. My LL is where it’s at purely because of IB / Trials, lol.


I am STILL without Internet the IT guy is coming tomorrow I’m told and he has a new range extender but I’ll believe it when I see it.


Nope the challenges are one a week so next week will be the oryx challenge. They will rotate so you’ll have a chance to get the warpriest challenge in a couple weeks :slight_smile: