[Destiny] KF Hard Mode + Warpriest Challenge - Wed 12/2 9pm EST - Cancelled



Edit: Going to officially cancel this for tonight, maybe reschedule before reset - not enough interest. I think I should still be on doing some casual crucible though.

I figured we have enough interest to get another group going. I wanted to assemble Bravo Team for tomorrow, Wednesday12/2/15 9pm EST.

Fair warning, this is my first hard mode run - it’s best if someone else actually “lead” the raid.

Light = 305+
Know at least normal mode.


  1. @JohnOnTheRocks



Paging @blinkbrac @spredhed


Oo, I’m almost at that light level :o

One of these days I might be able to join, lol.


I can’t tomorrow. Sorry :frowning:


Where you at? I think if you’re 300+ you’ll get enough gear to be 310ish by the time we get to sisters


I think I can get on by 9pm. @NVS_1 your skill should outweigh your light level. I am sure you can do it


I hear it’s tossing out some seriously good loot. If I wasn’t busy, I’d join y’all tomorrow!


Ya, I think I can pull my own weight regardless of light level. Been going flawless in trials consistently between 297 -> 303 light, so it shouldn’t be to bad.


Good loot tossing confirmed. I picked up 3, three, THREE, sniper rifles and a 320 artifact at Warpriest also a set of hunter hard mode boots at Golg.


Verily, I hit 314, almost 315 light last night off the drops.


Holy snappers! I gotta get in on this action before it gets patched out.


It shouldn’t get patched out. Completing the HM Challenge nets you both HM and NM challenge loot, as well as HM and NM regular drops. I was given: 314 ghost at Totems, 309 fusion, 320 sniper, 310 artifact, 320 artifact, emblem at warpriest, and 307 boots at Golgorath.


2 of the snipers were the HM ones and 1 NM one, 320, 317 and 306 I think.


The 320 is the Challenge reward, the 317 for HM, and the 306 is NM.


Well that makes sense. All i know is that stuff was zipping by on the screen after we downed Liberace Priest.


It’s the amount of gear that’s dropping that I think is the issue - you can’t begin the understand how many times I’ve run it where I’ve only picked up shards on the WP, and if I don’t it’s just the one gear item NM or HM.

If the drops continue like this, people will be end game equipped in no time which seems counter to the desire to create an end-game grind as they seemingly intended. Well, at least my opinion on what Bungie intended.


I’m of the opinion that Gorgorath and Oryx Challenges will stop a large number of folks. That’s the current stick. The carrot will be the exotics about to hit (returning Y1 and new Y2 ones), and whatever it is they announce this weekend at PSX. I think we’ll see another DLC of some sort by March at the latest. The people you’re talking about are literally the 1% of the population, and I don’t think they’ll go anywhere else long-term. Whatever is end-game for now won’t be end-game for long. I remember the first week of HOW I had a max level character no problem, and that certainly didn’t stop me from playing.


I’ve never been part of the 1% before. This is kind of cool.

Also agree that some DLC will be introduced in the Spring as well. But I don’t think Bungie is going to wait that long to do something to keep the population up & bring what has left back. Sure Golgy & Oryx challenge modes will be a @#?! to complete, but if the other 10% who have stuck around get the 320 gear this way and that’s that, they’re the group that bugs out early too.

I could be wrong & this is all part of Bungie’s master plan, but we’ve seen too many instances where higher than normal gear drops get patched out to slow things down.


They are pretty quick to announce when that happens (Black Spindle). We shall see, and in the meantime I’ll keep on grinding what I can.


Good usage :wink: