Destiny King's Fall Normal Raid - Tuesday (11/3) 9:30PM EST



Looking to get a raid group together for a quick, efficient raid (on normal) for Tuesday, 11/3 at 9:30PM EST. Lately, I’ve seen groups do it in under an hour, but I think we can do it under 2. Invites will go out 9:25PM and we’ll promptly start at 9:30pm.


  • 290+ light

Nice to have:

  • Know all mechanics



Please comment if interested and include your PSN name.


This overlaps with Strats Weekly :cry:

EDIT: No it doesn’t. This is on Tuesday. I can’t read.


I am hoping for a HM run but I can certainly help this group if not


Put me down for this. DJspectre


sounds good I put you in as alternate for now


sweet just added you


Paging @spectrum21 - still down for this? We’re going to pull 2 ppl from our friends lists so we’re good to go


I’m down for that


Oops nvm if your full


I’d rather have strats people! You’re in! @olliejmo


I would like to join tonight. Uk4lyfe69


Best of luck to all you guys, I know you’ll do great.


Yeah I should be good. If it comes time and I’m too tired, maybe @Uk4lyfe69 can fill in for me. I’ve had a couple of late nights/early mornings the past few days…


Awesome, just added you - we’re a full group! (assuming @spectrum21 makes it)


@Metalfox X13MFox


added you as alternative since we’re full, but if someone doesn’t show, I’ll shoot you an invite


I’ll take an alternate spot!
PSN: Wheatums310


Wheatums, there’s a new stratser named Slaughternautkb at 291 light what needs to raid tonight. You should get Fox and get a second group a going if possible.


Good job last night team. We made decent time to get to Oryx then obviously spent too much time failing. We’ll get him next time.

@Jussblaze2411 @spectrum21 @Joey_coz @olliejmo @Uk4lyfe69