[Destiny] King's Fall Normal Raid: Wednesday, 11/11/15 9:30PM EST



Just the typical weekly raid. Please be 290 and know fights. I actually need 3 calcified fragments from the raid, so we can stop and grab them (or all of them) if people don’t mind.




I can’t make it, but best of luck to you guys that go!


Thanks! Good luck on your run tonight, I wanted to get in on it, but don’t have the time tonight unfortunately.


We’re gonna wreck it. :smiling_imp:


Can’t I work in the AM. I can tonight though


I can help


Bump. Since the raid is for tonight.


You might try hitting up SLAUGHTERNAUTKB. Don’t think he is registered on the forums but he is active in the evenings. That is his PSN name.


Thanks, will do


Why don’t you come and top shelf with me tonight @BREADFAN?


I might do that. Go ahead and add me as an alternate. TOP SHELF FOR LYFE!


Guys in sorry. I had to get to Cambridge tonight to help the lady.