Destiny kings fall raid team



So with my limited time I get to play I want to know who is usually on to do raids(hard mode) on Saturdays every weekend around 9pm ish EST. Don’t need to have anything special as long as your about 305 will do. And I don’t expect to get all the way to Oryx. Wherever we get is good enough for me. I don’t mind if people let raid team know if they had enough because I know I have my moments. But I would like to do the raid sometime in the week and it’s been hard finding a group.
I’d rather not go to LFG but if it’s needed that’s where I’ll end up. I’d rather have fun with friends though. :slight_smile:


Saturday nights can be good for me, especially the two weekends coming up.


@Smasher225 and I are typically around - if not just a message away - and I’m sure ATROCITY (who really needs to get on the forums…) can be available if needed :wink:


Yeah I can be on if things are happening but might not be on my ps4. Just shoot me a message and I should be able to get on.


I want to give hard mode a go. Im on most evenings.


Nice to see you on the forums jedi, I might be on a bit tonight and there might be talk of people trying cm if a team can get together.


I’ll probably be on Destiny tonight after 8pm CST, down for raid. If not, Crucible. Jedi, friend request sent.


I really want to do hard mode…I’m glad we are going to have a team that doesn’t have requirements to join.


Most everyone that’s active is ready and willing for hard mode, so I think that’s what we’re a-gonna do.


Is a requirement, no?


That’s true, but I don’t know any normal raider that can’t meet it at this point.


Oh absolutely, we’ve got a super solid NM raider base! I was just responding to this:


Well that was just to make sure you can be okay for the first 2 encounters(totems and war priest) so it’s not handicapped. I think he means no experience in hard mode and not a specific subclass/character. Which is what I want. I want to have fun with a team while trying to do it. Which it’s not hard until about taken faze on gorgoroth.


I will help out if you need a spot filled IF I am around. Usually I am out and about on the weekends


Must have Gjallarhorn!


Are you picking a team or are we playing this by ear on Saturday?


It’s not a set team just want people who will be willing. So it’s who’s on I’ll look for everyone kind of thing. If anyone wants to do it/need it just message me before Saturday.

Might be able to get 2 teams if there are enough interest.


Ok well fyrefly and I would like to. We won’t be able to raid until Saturday anyway.

Idk if you want to make a list of who is on for sat and who are potentially down depending on who is on. Or if you just want to invite people it’s up to you.


I’ll take care of it. It’s my thing i started so I’ll get the peeps


anyone still doing these? or want to get some folks together?